Advertising and Marketing Services

Paradux Media Group is a full-service creative agency, specializing in delivering a message that will help differentiate your company from the crowd in your pond.


When advertising and marketing services are well executed, it should be more than just an ad. It should be just one element of an overall outward-facing communication strategy. Just one piece in the big-picture campaign that is rooted solidly in your brand position. Just one touch-point in a coordinated effort to bring new customers into your business. That one thing that makes the difference between potential customers and customers; soaring success and merely hanging on.

advertising and marketing servicesAt Paradux Media Group, sometimes advertising looks like producing a radio commercial for a Papa John's franchise. Sometimes it looks like designing a magazine ad for the Resort at Eagle Point. Sometimes it's creating dynamic social media campaigns for My Circle K Powered by Colvin Oil. Sometimes it is producing a television ad for Bill's Glass & Windshield. Sometimes it's writing articles to enhance Rogue Valley Clean City Coalition's search presence. Sometimes it's creating eye-catching stop-motion videos for The Human Bean. Sometimes it's an outdoor billboard for Lovejoy Hospice. And sometimes it’s creating a holiday mailing for Wildlife Images.

No matter what form it takes, it's always delivered with a consistent look and feel. And you can bet, we've made sure that every single ad conforms to the business's brand requirements--it's just part of being a client at Paradux Media Group.

No matter what form the advertising takes, it is always just one element in a much larger marketing strategy and that is the difference that working with a professional advertising agency like Paradux Media Group can bring. We've got our eye on your short and long-term goals, and we're always making sure that we are building a cumulative program that will help bring you closer to your long-term goals, while simultaneously achieving your short-term goals. That's just good business, and investing in your future.

If you're interested in learning what Paradux Media Group can do for you, just contact us.