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iacquire_blogThe modern business owner has plenty on his plate, but it might be time to add one more dish. Business blogs are the latest marketing trend gracing websites and social media platforms. These resource-rich information centers give consumers added value and help businesses establish their brands. A report for the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth revealed that as of 2013, 34 percent of Fortune 500 companies blog, up from 28 percent in 2012.

Blogging is time consuming and usually doesn’t lead to any direct new business, so why are the world’s biggest companies on board? In short, blogs build brand authority, boost businesses in search rankings and feed social media strategies. A robust business blog will spread good tidings throughout your web and marketing departments.

The Best Brand Builder

Business websites can provide basic information about your structure and services, but it’s hard to express the character of your business in a few pages. That’s where blogs come in. These on-going posts offer visitors a glimpse into how your business thinks and operates. Produce quality content and your business will earn a reputation as an industry thought leader. Consider your business blog the tool you can use to impress potential customers. Discuss industry news in a readable, relevant way and offer tips that users looking for your products or services will appreciate.

A Boost to SEO Rankings

Some owners may scoff at the idea of dedicating hours to a blog that has minimal direct effect on their businesses’ bottom lines. Here’s a cash-centric reason to blog. These content platforms boost website SEO rankings. That means your business will show up higher for relevant keywords in Google search, the first place most people search when they need services. Additional pages add authority to your website, which leads search engines to rank it higher. Blogs also increase the amount of keywords that pop up on your website, another key measurement for Google and other search engines. SEO rankings change continually, but regular blog posts will keep SEO juice flowing into your site. Blog to rank higher and attract more Web visitors. You’ll likely see cold, hard cash in your future.

Social Media Strategy

Blogs aren’t the only trend revolutionizing marketing. Social media is changing the way businesses reach out to prospects, conduct customer service and promote their services. One of the most common practices on social media is to post and re-share blog entries. These links spread across the social media landscape and draw users to business websites, further increasing their brand. High-quality blogs are conducive to social media, where users exalt good content and ignore traditional advertising. Digital marketing agency iAcquire is on the edge of these developments, and it directs most of its social media and company content to the iAcquire company page. Combine these elements for a multi-facing, 21st century strategy that drives warm leads to your website.

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Ernesto Clavijo

Ernesto runs a small Internet marketing business in San Diego and freelances in his spare time.