Creative Marketing Ideas for Small and Mid Sized Businesses

Compete with the big ads created by mammoth corporations, with creative marketing ideas to reach their niche.

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Marketing costs can become a big expenditure for small and mid-sized businesses, and yet it is a critical way to securing repeat business and finding new customers. Although smaller businesses cannot compete with the big ads created by mammoth corporations, they can come up with creative marketing ideas to reach their niche with interesting messages and innovative forms.

Triggered Emails for Online Stores

If you do business online and have customers who fail to complete a purchase, consider using triggered emails that follow-up on these purchases. You can offer additional discounts or customer service assistance to facilitate these sales and improve your bottom line.

Use Music To Draw Interest

creative marketing ideas-musicMusic is one of the surest ways to get the public’s attention. Hire a songwriter to create music about your business, its philosophy and its service. Make sure the song is a catchy tune that can be easily recognized in the marketplace. You can use the song in advertising, as telephone hold music and whenever you see an opportunity to inform consumers about your business.

YouTube A Demonstration

If you have a product or service that lends itself to visual demonstration, you can utilize the magic that is YouTube to implement creative marketing ideas. Simply choose a personable employee to explain the installation, use or finer points of your product, and put it online. Then, choose mega tags that will allow interested viewers to find it for Internet searches.

Photo Contests

Feature a photo contest of individuals utilizing or displaying your product or service. Images always draw attention, and many people are eager to feature their kids or pets in photos that can win a prize. The prize does not have to be expensive. Even dinner at a popular restaurant, a spa day or round of golf can be enough to get people motivated to participate.

Feature An Expert as a Creative Marketing Idea

Take advantage of people in your area who have expertise in subjects related to your product or service. Experts often have blogs or ebooks that they wish to market to a wider audience. They can help your business while helping themselves by giving a talk on a relevant topic. Advertise and host the event to draw new interest to your business.

Keeping your customers interested in purchasing your products and services is one of the biggest challenges of small and mid-sized businesses. Your company name can be a familiar symbol, if you use creative marketing ideas that bring fun into their everyday lives.

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