10 Secret Marketing Strategies EVERY Successful Small Business Uses

You need our advice to fix your marketing. And we’re going to give it to you absolutely free. Put our secret marketing strategies to work today.


10-secret-marketing-strategiesYou might need to add a secret marketing strategy or two to your arsenal if...

  • You have a zillion contacts but still struggle to pay the bills each month
  • You meet dozens of clients networking but don't close enough deals
  • You feel like more and more locals are choosing ‘the competition’?

You need our advice to fix your marketing. And we’re going to give it to you – absolutely free. Just read our list and assess what’s missing in your marketing.

Oh, and it’s long – because we want you to know how to fix those problems, too.

A little more about Paradux Media Group

Why are we giving away such awesome stuff? You need it.

And we’d like to introduce our services because it’s come to our attention that some of you think, “Oh, a marketing agency. They will cost me an arm and a leg.”


We keep an eye on our competition. We see copywriters charging $1,000 a month, SEO gurus requesting big-dollar contracts, and web design firms’ presenting $6,000 proposals. Yikes.

Paradux Media Group does something different: We made all our marketing services affordable. We are designed to help small to medium-sized businesses take their sales to the next level of success

Our pricing directly reflects the flexibility in services that YOU need.  We want to help you not by giving you just great copy, or just a sweet web design, but by continually supporting your marketing with the entire package.

And let’s face it, when you run a small business, you need a capable team:

Need more website conversions? No problem.

Want more functional web design and cleaner website copy? Absolutely.

Need technical assistance understanding WordPress? You got it.

You need us. Our hand-picked team of marketing strategists, web designers, content writers and SEO experts will give you what you need, when you need it – so we can grow and change with you.

In other words, first, we’ll help you solve the issue of how to increase your sales and do more business, and then, if you don’t think you want to DIY your marketing, we’ll give you very reasonable rates on our services.