Originally from Walla Walla Washington, Kurt has spent the better part of a decade producing nearly all forms of digital media from graphic design to video. He spent five years creating catalogs, websites, product packaging and commercials for a large archery equipment company before co-founding a boutique media/advertising agency. After three years, Kurt developed a strong desire to grow professionally outside of what a small town could offer. The beautiful scenery and filmmaking scene was a large part of what drew Kurt to the Rogue Valley.

Kurt brings in-house video production to Paradux Media Group’s already impressive set of capabilities. He also works with Senior Graphic Designer Kelly Congleton in producing graphics for print and the web.

Kurt loves nearly all forms of creativity including art, photography, animation, music and filmmaking, and when he isn’t doing these things for work, he is doing them for play.

Kurt DeWitt

Kurt DeWitt, Digital Media & Video Producer