Garrett is a skilled web designer and a recent graduate of Southern Oregon University. With a degree in Emerging Media and Digital Arts, he is well-versed in various design aspects, from typography and layout to user experience and responsive design. Garrett is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest web design trends and technologies and strives to create functional, aesthetically pleasing websites for clients.

Outside of work, Garrett enjoys a variety of hobbies, including skateboarding, computer programming, cooking, gardening, graphic design, creative writing, and 3D modeling. He has honed his skills in these areas through personal projects and collaboration. Garrett finds inspiration in exploring the intersections between different creative pursuits, often incorporating his interests in graphic design, creative writing, and 3D modeling into his web design work as much as possible. He constantly seeks new challenges and opportunities to grow in his craft.

Garrett Chisholm

Garrett Chisholm, Web Designer