If you’ve ever been invited to a party as a guest compared to being invited to that same party as an “honored” guest, you know there a huge difference. It’s the same with those companies that will simply just park/host your website on their server vs. a company like Paradux Media that offers managed hosting. There is a difference. Simply put, managed hosting treats you and your website like more than just another customer, but rather an important customer, no matter how big or small. Managed hosting provides so many more options to the success and security of my website, for a cost that was quite comparable to the “host it and forget about me” service I was getting from my previous web host. As part of a managed hosting service, they showed me how to utilize my current customers to actually promote my products to their own contacts, in a very social and fun manner. It is for this reason that I rely on Paradux Media’s managed hosting service to be able to reach more of my target market more cost effective and with better results. That increases my bottom line!


Alex Martin, Gold Crown Jewelry

November 12, 2013