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Vehicle Signage: Low Cost Marketing with a Large Audience

With all the cries about advertising space and copy and design, businesses have to hit the savvy button when it comes to marketing.

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Marketing Savvy

With all the cries about ‘advertising space’ and ‘copy’ and ‘design’, businesses have to hit the savvy button when it comes to marketing. There isn’t much that doesn’t cost a fortune. Advertise on social networks and it could cost you ‘per click’. You don’t even know how many clicks that might be. Escalating costs for everything includes marketing, but without it, some businesses might as well not be there at all.

The Best Way to Show off What You’ve Got

How to make the most of what you’ve got? A vehicle with attractive signage could be seen by as many as 3000 people every hour. That probably depends on how much driving the vehicle does. But just say it’s travelling through inner city rush hour in the morning and evening. Nice and slow. Stop start, stop start. Pedestrians, cyclists, people in cars; they all see it. They might not know it makes an impression, but it does. That’s why advertising works.

Think Laterally

But what small business wants to spend a fortune on a custom spray job on their vehicle? Even vinyl can cost a few hundred quid; and your company may have several vehicles. So why not think laterally? There’s more than one way to decorate a van.

Cost Effective Magnetic Signage

Magnetic signage is the most cost effective, simple way to achieve precisely the same effect as a £300 vinyl sticker. You can use your logo, your own designs, anything you like. Send it to the sign maker and within two days, for as little as £35, you could have a made to measure, gorgeous custom made commercial for your car.

A One Off Investment

Even better, just say you want to advertise a yearly event. Put your magne-sign on your car in the run up before the event, and when it’s over, take it off, store it carefully and use it the next year. It’s a one off cost for something you can use time and again.

Things to be Aware of

There are a couple of things you should know before you go ahead and make your order, but there’s no problem without a solution.

Flat Surfaces Only

Not all vehicles are suitable. You need a flat, metallic surface with no grooves or curves where the sign will be placed. Many cars have nearly no flat surfaces other than the roof, which could present a problem unless you’re advertising helipads. Vans, however, often have large doors with squared shapes and are much more likely to hold these lovely signs without any problem.

Safety and Sense

photo credit:  Meanest Indian
photo credit: Meanest Indian

The other issue is that magnetic signs are likely to self-remove, and may find themselves flying down a motorway at 70 mph. The wind can get under their corners and before you know it, there’s an accident taking place in your rear view mirror and your precious sign is all over the carriageway. The simple solution is to remove it if you think you are likely to be travelling at prolonged speed. Just take it off, lay it flat in the back and stick it on again when you return. Signs with rounded corners are less likely to be picked up by the wind.


On The Spot Signs

This was a guest post by On The Spot Signs, specialist vehicle signs in Bristol.

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  1. Stacey says

    This proves to be a cost-efficient marketing plan which can reap very productive results. Thanks for posting this hot stuff.

  2. Kelly says

    How that is cool idea?:) Not only that it looks awesome but it will serve as a huge advertisement for your own products. Plus, many people will have idea about what you sell, which sounds more awesome. Thanks for sharing this idea! 🙂

  3. Sandra says

    One of our marketing associates was actually suggesting this and it’s a good idea. In fact there are public utility vehicles that can be hired for purposes as such.

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