A New Logo for Asante

Old Asante Logo

All logos tend to go through an evolutionary process about every 5 years. And Asante Health System, a Southern Oregon Medical Network which included two hospitals, knew it was time for a new logo. Their current logo did not represent the strength, solidity, or up-to-date technology that is a hallmark of their facilities. At the same time, they knew that there was tremendous brand equity in their current logo, and stepping away from it entirely was a costly choice they were, rightfully, unwilling to make.

We were able to help Asante to update their logo, while retaining the equity they have in the icon itself. The new logo is a more mature version of the current logo. It employs a strong navy blue color that instills confidence and is more insulated from the color trends. We retained the reliance on the Neutra Typeface that makes up their name, but customized it, softening the points and increasing the overall strength of the name.

The logo-icon itself was modified to project confidence through a widened stance, a head that is “on straight” and which is standing triumphant at the top of the healthcare hill. The legs themselves now also represent a path to the heart, which is indicative of the heart-centered patient care that Asante provides to all their patients.

Revised and Updated Asante Logo

The new logo can be used simultaneously and harmoniously with instances of the old logo, allowing Asante to migrate to the new logo naturally, as items are used and sent for re-print. The casual observer will probably not distinguish a difference between the two logos, unless studying them side by side. Nonetheless, the feelings evoked by the new logo are more representative of Asante today than in the previous version.

If you’d like to see what the next evolution of your logo might be, please just contact us.