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All beauty salons were created the same, no matter how different your business looks from others, who your customer base may be, or what type of salon you have. They all have the same business needs: every salon needs customers to drive sales and every owner needs marketing to help create those sales. Without either customers or marketing, no business can survive. Some owners will argue, “but I’m different, and so are my customers.” Sure, you have different customers and needs for those clients, but every owner needs to spark an interest, generate a desire and get people to physically walk into a salon in order to help rake in the dough.

Being Better Than The Other Guys

In an advertising slogan, say you’re the best. Say there are ten other hair salons offering the same types of services. They each have different names, but only your ad claims to be the best of those ten. When a customer sees ten similar names, but only one of them claiming to be the best, which one is she most likely to choose? The one who is the best. It’s that simple.

Make’em an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Vito Corleone had a famous line in The Godfather, “make’em an offer he can’t refuse.” Promise your customers something. In salon marketing especially, customers want to hear a promise that no other place will make them. However outrageous, make them an offer. Say you offer customers a free pedicure when they sign up for a manicure appointment and a facial. You might be worried that hundreds of customers will flood your salon and “rip you off”. Truth is, most people will feel like they’re getting a deal, but by slightly increasing the cost of a pedicure by a few cents and making them sign up for a facial, you win in the end.

Guarantee Them Something

As with making promises, a guarantee assures customers their money will be well spent. Say you want to offer the lowest prices on haircuts in town guaranteed or your money back. How many customers who visit your salon will open the phone book and call each individual business asking for a quote to save a few dollars? Some will, but the majority will not bother to think twice about it. The amount of cash you will have earned because of your hair salon marketing guarantee will more than cover the losses you’ll take for reimbursing the few customers that do find lower prices.

No matter where you post your ads or what method of marketing you choose to use, you need to ensure that your ads stand out. Every salon is created the same. The difference is how you make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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    Hi there its been a while since my last visit to your site, for me I think that we can build a better beauty salon ads, if we have a unique brand. because branding is very important to catch many interested people’s attention. I really want to thank you for sharing some tips that I can add up to my knowledge, this will be very useful.

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