3 Easy Ways to Dip Your Toe into Social Media Waters

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While the social media has reached a feverish pitch, many people remain fearful that its perceived risks might be for real. They however understand the need for a website that is engaging and vibrant, since they have mastered the art of email marketing over the years. This is also partly because they would have enjoyed the benefits of search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Social media still gives them the benefits they wish to have.

photo credit Barry Peters via Flickr
photo credit Barry Peters via Flickr

Many businesspeople still have the same questions – whether or not the social media will work for their marketing strategies, whether it would get them in trouble with the human resources department of their company, and whether they would lose their productivity to Facebook games and applications.

The answers to these questions are quite simple – Social media has its positives as well as its negatives and no company is without a critic. You will find a critic somewhere or the other in every company. However, these comments and the conversations on Facebook and the other social media would still continue without you. But it does not imply that you have to break the rules of your office for the usage of computers. It does not imply either that you should take any unwarranted risks by inviting people to post comments on the website of your company.

However, let us be clear about this. People will continue to engage in conversations about your company and your brand. They are still doing it and they cannot be stopped by any means. This can however serve as an opportunity for your company to engage in a conversation with its customers.

Here is a brief history of the social media before you can consider, before dipping your toe into its waters.

The history of the social media

First, the social media called Six Degrees entered the market, after which it closed its membership to the public, except through invitations by its current members. Then, came along Friendster and MySpace. Facebook took over the space of MySpace, after which came LinkedIn, Twitter, and Urban Spoon. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are popular still today.

So, here are three simple ways to test the social media water’s temperature.

1) Select a newspaper

Select your local newspaper and go to its online version. Find a news story that is of interest to you. Then, scroll down the screen to take a look at the comments that people have left and consider leaving your own comment behind.

photo credit Sean MacEntee via Flickr
photo credit Sean MacEntee via Flickr
2) Sign up for a YouTube account

Visit YouTube and sign up for a free account with them. Then, go to the search function with a topic of interest in mind. You could even create your own channel and upload your videos to it. You can find a video on almost any subject under the sun here and then, again, leave your comments beneath the videos.

3) Sign up for a Yelp! account

You can sign up on Yelp.com and find any service such as a restaurant, a salon or a pizza parlor here. Then, check out the reviews the others have left here. (and leave one yourself!)

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