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Who are Our Best Clients?

We’re interested in working with businesses that have a clear vision of where they’re going. In our experience, business owners who have vision for where the business is going, allows us to do our very best work. The reason is that we work from a strategic basis. Everything we do is about helping to reach your strategic goals, leveraging one item against the next in pursuit of a never-to-be-achieved end state.

We believe in brand-building, and love working with businesses ready to build a brand. Branding, well executed is far more than the way the graphics fall on the page. It’s everything outward facing that a business engages in. For us, there is no more satisfying and rewarding work than the intentional work of building a great brand.

Finally, the clients Paradux Media Group can serve best are businesses with 5-50 employees, who understand (and can afford) spending a little money on their image to propel them in the mid-long run. Our goal is not to work with just one or two large companies that consume all of the agency resources. Rather, we seek a diversified smaller-client base, so that we stay fresh, so that our days are ever-changing, and so that we stay creative. A diversified client list allows us to observe what is working in one sector and translate it appropriately to other sectors. It makes us better, and as a consequence, it makes our clients better. It’s a core component of our Secret Sauce.

What can Paradux do for you?

The unique value proposition that Paradux Media Groups brings to every client, is our ability to develop strategies that maximize brand position across all channels — traditional and online. The advertising world has changed. It’s no longer good-enough to simply put a television commercial out and wait for business to start rolling in. In today’s world, a wide variety of strategies have to be implemented seamlessly across all channels… from sales sheets and brochures, to a website and social media, to appropriate use of traditional media. Paradux can help your business build the right recipe for your marketing strategies that will return value in the short, medium, and long-term. We emphasize consistency, foster likeability, and can position you as the expert that you are. By positioning your business as a consistent, likeable expert we can enhance your brand, bring in the right clients, and help grow your business.
We do that with our team of talented individuals that we have on staff. Our working style is to have all team members working on our client’s account, we’re small enough that we allow and encourage our clients to work directly with the staff member who is responsible for the area in question. This eliminates miscommunication and misunderstandings. At all times, everyone on the team is aware of every project we have underway for a client. Everyone provides input to ensure the highest quality results. When you work with Paradux Media Group, you’re working with a group of dedicated and talented individuals.
It starts with Dixie Nunez, our office manager and project coordinator. Her job is to coordinate the work, making sure it’s moving forward on the appropriate timeline, and generally guiding the entire project to its successful completion.
Kelly Congleton is our Senior Graphic Designer. She graduated from OSU in Graphic Design and has a tremendous eye for beautiful design, tempered with an understanding of business needs. Kelly produces top-quality designs that enhance our clients’ brands.
Mike Frey, has a background in traditional media. He’s our visionary and head script writer for radio and television. He also manages the vast majority of our client’s social media accounts. He knows how to create a likeable and engaging brand image for our clients.
Tisha Oehmen’s background is in marketing for finance. Her speciality is building the brand itself, making sure it’s consistently and cohesively executed in alignment with the overall business strategy. She has also always been a techno-geek and based upon Kelly’s graphic design, make websites “real” functional sites.
Of course, we have a wide variety of regular sub-contractors that work with us. All are talented category experts and are passionate about their work. We regularly have multiple projects placed with them. These are not one-off consultants, they are colleagues with whom we work on a regular and ongoing basis.
We know that if you choose Paradux Media Group to represent your business and to help you establish your brand position, we can help you earn your rightful place at the top of your industry’s marketplace.

Paradux Media Group

We are Paradux Media Group, and we are not your regular ad agency. We are a unique combination of strategists, planners, designers, and writers. We are the people you call to launch a brand. To create a promotion. Or to put you on the first page of Google. Specializing in advertising, branding, website design, and social media management, Paradux Media Group gives you the integrated resources you need in today’s changing business environment.

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