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The Four Main Types of Web Hosting

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In this day and age, a business without a website stands about as much chance of success as does an aspiring pilot with a fear of flying. Indeed, an effective web presence can mean the difference between an organization that thrives and one that flounders. But before a business throws that new and sleek website they spent so much time and money designing up on the world wide web, they need to consider who will host it.

Different businesses have different needs. While a person working out of his or her garage likely can pay a hosting company a one-time fee and be up and running instantly, larger organizations have other considerations. They need to take into account things such as traffic, advertising and IT responsibilities. And for this they will need a comprehensive hosting service.

So with that in mind, here are the four main types of web hosting that should help businesses big and small figure out which hosting glove fits them best.

Shared hosting

Commonly known as “virtual hosting,” this is one of the cheaper options because one server accommodates all the clients of the hosting company. The server is the hosting company’s responsibility while maintenance of the actual website is left to the client. Although this is usually good option for smaller organizations, businesses should be aware that multiple clients using a single server can lead to slow website performance, especially when certain sites experience heavier traffic than others.

Collocated hosting

Those businesses that want more of an ownership role in their web hosting may want to consider this option. Collocated hosting involves the business purchasing the server and then hiring out to an independent host to operate as the server’s manager. Most large computer companies, such as Microsoft and Dell, offer a number of servers for sale to accommodate the needs of any business.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting

This is similar to collocated hosting, with the chief difference being that the business leases a server rather than purchases one. Many professional web hosts offer servers on lease terms along with limited web support. Of course, services vary from host to host, so businesses will want to inquire about the specifics. On average, unmanaged web hosting costs about $100 per month.

Managed dedicated hosting

This is the most popular option for businesses because it offers the freedom of a lease as well as comprehensive web support. That means there is very little responsibility on the part of the business. Another positive is that dedicated web hosts usually offer hardware warranties and quality guarantees, like a minimum 99% server uptime. Of course, the business will want to consult with the host in order to find out the details of every service and guarantee on offer.

Businesses that are considering hosting should find something to meet their criteria from the above list. And the value of the right hosting for the right business can’t be understated, as it could mean the difference between success and failure.


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