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Hi there. I understand you’re thinking about or have just started a consultancy business. How exciting for you, this is the exact right moment for you to be taking part in something like this telesummit that you’re actually participating in, because you’re going to get so many fantastic ideas and quick tips and implementable ideas that will really move you forward and launch your business in a very significant way. Before we get to my quick tip, let me tell you just a little bit about who I am and why I’m sitting here sharing with you my ideas.

I’m Tisha Oehmen and I’m one of the co-owners of Paradux Media Group. We’re a small advertising agency in Oregon in the USA and we specialize in helping businesses really understand and marry online technologies and offline technologies so that they get the most maximum leverage results. One of the big conversations we have with all of our clients is who’s your target audience and I know that’s something that you’re probably struggling with as well. It always seems so counterintuitive because as a new business owner, you want and you need to serve everyone, both from a financial standpoint and also from a egoic standpoint.

The reality is there is a set of individuals that you will serve far better than anybody else. There is a set of individuals out there that you have a higher probability of connecting with and really creating a truly lasting relationship with. As you know in coaching in particular, it’s all about that personal intimate relationship and that’s really truly where you need to focus your consultancy. That’s that niche market that truly is exactly what’s right for your business.

The question really becomes then, “Well how I figure out what that is?”, because it seems daunting and it seems complicated. The answer is stunningly simple and it’s simply to look in the mirror and figure out who you are and what you like and who you gravitate to. This is a very personal business, this consultancy business and it’s really truly about connecting with people who are like you at the end of the day. If you’re a woman in her mid-40s who has an advanced education, who maybe likes to exercise or doesn’t, who likes to garden or doesn’t, who likes to golf or doesn’t, whatever it is, whatever your list of passions and your interests are, you’re probably going to resonate most closely with people who are exactly like you.

That’s a really good way to take a quick whack at who your target audience is and to really get crystal clear right out the gate about who it is you’re looking for. You’re looking for more people like you, and if that feels a little too close and there’s probably nobody else in the whole world exactly like you, well then take a look at who your close friends are because your close friends are also going to be the people who will most likely gravitate to you. They have pretty distinct personalities as do you, and those personalities match and your interests match, and all of the stuff about where you are at this point in your life matches.

That makes it so easy if you’re working with a coaching client to really start off in a very common place and to be able to move forward in a significant way so that you have the opportunity to truly help your coaching client move forward and to really leapfrog their business. That’s something that I would really encourage you to look at is both in the mirror, who am I and what are my interests and who are my best friends and what are their interests.

Now, I’m not saying, not even for a second that you’re not going to start working with a 50 year old man who might walk through the door and seek your services. That would be just stupid, but you’re not intentionally seeking those 50 year old men. You’re intentionally seeking and you’re putting out there that you want to work with women who are like you, if you are a woman. If you’re a 50 year old man, then the entire story is different and I hope you can make that translation, but if you really truly want to get tight and super focused around who it is you’re trying to reach, and by the way, that’s the only way you’re going to be successful in reaching them, then you have to start somewhere in an easy, easy, easy place. Quick tip is to look in the mirror and/or look at your friends.

There are so many different issues that we see other small businesses struggle with. In fact, so many so that I ended up putting together a webinar that’s free on my website. I’m going to make it available to you right here. It’s the three common mistakes that we see small business owners make over and over and over again that keep them struggling for cash and customers. It breaks my heart that so many businesses struggle for cash and customers in this world in which they really don’t need to, and so I took the time and the energy to put together this online webinar. It’s free on my website. I think the link might just be below this video so go ahead and click on over to it if it’s something that interests you, and my whole goal here is simply to help steer you away from making significant issues, making these specific problems in your business because they’re totally avoidable and they’re completely things you shouldn’t do.

As an added bonus, I’m also including just for you guys on this telesummit the opportunity to get the 10 Secret Marketing Tips that Every Small Business Owner should know, so that you are really starting from a strong, strong place and you have the opportunity to really leverage your business moving forward. I hope that you’ll take the opportunity to stop on over and check those out. Do by all means look me up on social media. We’re out and about there, but don’t miss this opportunity to really move forward on your business and to learn from these really common mistakes that so many businesses make. You don’t need to make them. This is how you get around that problem.

I hope that this has been helpful to you. Once again, I’m Tisha Oehmen. I’m over at Paradux Media Group and I hope that you have so many blessings and so much success with your business. I just can’t wait to see what you can do. Congratulations. Bye bye.

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