How to Announce a New Business on Facebook

How can you announce your business on Facebook? Proper social media marketing techniques can help to boost visibility for your business.

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Facebook provides one of the best ways to grow your business by spreading the word about your company quickly. Creating a Facebook page for your business is easy, getting people to like your page is the hard part. How can you announce your business on the social media giant? Use these tips to get started.

Tip # 1: Make Connections

The best way to get people to start liking your Facebook page is by finding people to connect with. Look for people in your industry that will be able to provide you with solid connections to boost the visibility of your Facebook page. People that are well-respected in your industry will have an easy time getting the right audience to start following your page.

Tip # 2: Link and Advertise

You need to connect to your company’s Facebook fan page on your home page of your website and your email address. All the printed material you send out needs to include the Facebook page information. Use your other social media accounts to announce your Facebook page. Twitter is a great source if you have already established an account. Pinterest is another great site to announce new information.

Tip # 3: Like Your Page

The best way to start finding new people to like your page is by liking it and sharing it with your friends. Encourage all your friends to like your page and share it with others. This simple word-of-mouth marketing technique is a great way to start obtaining credible likes.

Tip # 4: Link to Other Sites

how to announce a new business on facebookWhen you find credible articles and information to share with your audience, include a link on Facebook. Comment on the page of the original author or company that is sharing the information to let them know you are sharing it. This activity is a great way to gain some additional likes from larger media outlets. Commenting is a great way to announce a new business on Facebook as you are showing a larger audience you have a new business that pertains to them.

Tip # 5: Post Blogs and Case Studies

Anytime you are doing anything big in your industry; share it with your audience. The more you interact with social media, the easier it will be for you to create the right connections you need to build your audience on Facebook. Use Facebook to announce a new business as it’s free and one of the best ways to connect with your target audience!

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