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Why it Makes Sense for You to be a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Why it Makes Sense for You to be a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Thought leadership may be one of the newest popular buzzwords in business strategy.  It’s somewhere up there with “lean manufacturing” and “influencer.”  What is thought leadership, and is it really that important for business owners? Thought leaders are the go-to people in their field.  For example, if you’re looking for ways to better lead and… Read More

Do You Know How You Stack up to the Competition? | competitive analysis

Do You Know How You Stack up to the Competition?

Philip Kotler described the importance of understanding the competition with his quote:  “Competitive advantage is a company’s ability to perform in one or more ways that competitors cannot or will not match.”  To outperform your competition, you need to understand them.  If you haven’t performed a competitive analysis recently, now is the perfect time to… Read More

Optimize Your Website to Build Trust with Your Customers

Optimize Your Website to Build Trust with Your Customers

87% of shoppers begin looking for a product with online searches.  If your website isn’t coming up as an option when customers search for relevant products and services in your area, you are missing out on valuable sales.  In marketing terms, we’re talking about search engine optimization or “SEO,” but really, it’s all about making… Read More

Convert Your Website into an Online Experience in 2022

Convert Your Website into an Online Experience in 2022

Why does your business have a website?  The answers from business owners vary greatly: “So customers can find us.” “To provide basic information like location and hours of operation.” “Because every business needs a website.” “To help customers learn about our products and services.” Regardless of why your company first published its website, the reasons… Read More

The Name of the Game for 2021 Business Success is E-Commerce

The Name of the Game for 2021 Business Success is E-Commerce

Are you optimizing e-commerce sales in your business?  In the first quarter of 2020, the percentage of total households in the U.S. that purchased at least one product online in the last 12 months leaped from 15% to nearly 35%.  That 20% spread gained in only three months represents the total amount of growth during… Read More

Pivoting to E-Commerce to Survive in the New Economy

Pivoting to E-Commerce to Survive in the New Economy

In March 2020, the world we took for granted changed seemingly overnight.  With a pandemic ramping up throughout the world, a national emergency was set in place that would restrict business hours, occupancy rates, and limit indoor business for the unforeseeable future.   Americans everywhere took on varying levels of “stay-at-home” protocol that altered shopping and… Read More

why small businesses need more videos

Why Small Businesses Need More Videos

When it comes to marketing, especially small business owners, every dollar counts, and any investments need to pay off, regardless of monetary value. But where do you start in a world of glossy ads and billboards? Simply put, it’s with a video. Long gone are the days of a pretty picture with a logo reeling… Read More

5 reasons branding is viatal to a small business

Five Reasons Why Branding Is Vital To A Small Business

Why branding is vital, regardless of the size of your business. Many small businesses forego the tried and true methods of bigger corporations. Sometimes this works, but when a small business fails to effectively brand itself, that can have resounding detrimental effects. 1. Company Cohesiveness Having a “brand” is essentially having a message and look… Read More

your business isnt too small to hire an advertising agency

Your business isn’t too small to hire an advertising agency

A successful small business has two essential elements to it. One, the core service or the product. Two, marketing and advertising. A mediocre product or service with great advertising will always outsell a great product with mediocre advertising. Time and time, advertising has proven it’s worth. Who doesn’t like Apple’s commercials? They’re beautifully woven around… Read More

Connecting your brand with social media advertising

Connecting Your Brand With Social Media Advertising

Connecting a brand with a well-received online presence is not a task that is easily achievable overnight. Knowing how to properly and effectively connect with your brand when considering social media advertising is essential to maximize your online reach and your ability to attract new followers and prospective customers. Social Media Advertising Strategies. Research Your… Read More

utilizing your customers mobile devices is easier than ever before

Utilizing Your Customer’s Mobile Devices is Easier Than Ever Before

Most people already know about the importance of serving mobile users. Mobile users can account for anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of the site’s total traffic. While the audience varies from business to business, the constant for most businesses is that they are not utilizing the features of mobile devices to connect and engage… Read More

learning to use google analytics is a valuable tool

Learning to Use Google Analytics is a Valuable Tool

For new bloggers or website owners, you know that Google Analytics is supposed to be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming and incredibly confusing. If you can learn even a small segment of what the data means, it can really empower and elevate your blog or website. How to Get… Read More

Oregon Web Designer

Why Choose an Oregon Web Designer?

There are local Oregon web designers available who can create a unique and easy to use website for your business. There are great reasons to hire a local web design company rather than a business that is located overseas. You Can Meet Oregon Web Designers in Person By hiring someone locally, you can meet with… Read More

business branding

Business To Business Branding Strategy

Many of today’s top companies underestimate the importance of business to business branding. When businesses succeed at this enterprise, they can often boost their profits by up to 20 percent. There are many different strategies that can be employed in doing business to business marketing. These tips can help your growing business to succeed in… Read More


Branding: A Candid Conversation

Can I be honest with you? When I talk with a business owner, a business owner of any size, an entrepreneur, a small size business owner, a medium size business owner, and even the large business owners that I talk to; they all have a reason for getting up in the morning and coming and… Read More

content marketing ideas

Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that deals mainly with creating and sharing different types of media and publishing content that will later be used to bring in new customers or retain older customers for any business. For people who have businesses online or brick and mortar stores, it is important to keep business up… Read More

Can I afford a Marketing Agency

Can I Afford a Marketing Agency?

It is important for many organizations to maintain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Organizations need to utilize everything that they can to ensure that they maintain stable and profitable future. Their marketing strategies are tools that contribute to ensuring that the organization stays on top of the latest trends. These strategies need to be… Read More


5 Ways You Can Increase Your Local Brand Awareness

Advertising has become one of the most used ways of attracting customers to encourage high sales. This is because, without advertising and letting the public know about your brand better will eventually cause low volumes of sales triggered by sparse buyers turn out. It will all depend on how you present your brand that will… Read More


How Are You Different From The Competition

The business world is crowded with many enterprising and hard-working companies, all of whom are looking to make a name for themselves. When entering into business, it is important to let the world know what you have that is new. What do you have that no one else has? How are you different from the… Read More