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content marketing ideas

Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that deals mainly with creating and sharing different types of media and publishing content that will later be used to bring in new customers or retain older customers for any business. For people who have businesses online or brick and mortar stores, it is important to keep business up… Read More

Can I afford a Marketing Agency

Can I Afford a Marketing Agency?

It is important for many organizations to maintain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Organizations need to utilize everything that they can to ensure that they maintain stable and profitable future. Their marketing strategies are tools that contribute to ensuring that the organization stays on top of the latest trends. These strategies need to be… Read More


5 Ways You Can Increase Your Local Brand Awareness

Advertising has become one of the most used ways of attracting customers to encourage high sales. This is because, without advertising and letting the public know about your brand better will eventually cause low volumes of sales triggered by sparse buyers turn out. It will all depend on how you present your brand that will… Read More


How Are You Different From The Competition

The business world is crowded with many enterprising and hard-working companies, all of whom are looking to make a name for themselves. When entering into business, it is important to let the world know what you have that is new. What do you have that no one else has? How are you different from the… Read More

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Why Blog?

Blogging can mean a variety of things to a variety of people for a range of reasons. Blogging is not just meant for business people, but also for ordinary people like yourselves. Blogging is important to express your business, and carries many benefits. Attract an audience to your blog When you blog, you can reach a… Read More


Social Media Newsjacking – The Next Level of Brand Marketing?

The term Newsjacking may sound as if you are hijacking the news, but the truth is that it can take your search engine optimization strategy far away from confinement in isolation. Newsjacking is a way to grab a reader’s attention by using a news story in order to fuel your own advertisement or story. Here… Read More

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How to make your brand more ” Pinterest -ing “

Are you looking for tips to make your brand strategy more interesting? Then, using Pinterest is the answer. If your business is benefitting from Pinterest, you might want to consider using it for your business more effectively. So, how can you make your brand more “Pinteresting”? Build relationships with influencers Each and every platform has… Read More

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Creating Likeability in Your Brand

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it at least 1,000 times — people do business with brands they LIKE. And the truth is, it’s more than just something I say, it’s a fact. We seek out businesses we LIKE to do business with. Our first goal, when we take on a new client, is… Read More


5 Local Marketing Hacks:

A Cheat Sheet for Marketing in 2015. There are plenty of solutions out there for local marketing. The following is a short list of some ways to do some easy local marketing in 2015. Social Media – Twitter Social media is the easiest way to market yourself on any level. It really helps with local… Read More


Your Local Marketing is Missing the Mark

Here is how you fix it… Local marketing is a great business strategy. You need to take care of local marketing or your business won’t be anywhere near as successful as you want it to be, and it should be. Unfortunately local marketing strategies don’t always work as well as they should. There are some… Read More

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10 Marketing Habits Killing Your Budget

When it comes to marketing it’s pretty easy to make a mistake. There are many different marketing strategies you can use and not all of them are good. The bad ones really kill your budget and so here are 10 habits you need to avoid. 1. Spam No one likes spam and it doesn’t work…. Read More