Utilizing Your Customer’s Mobile Devices is Easier Than Ever Before

Mobile users account for 20 to 50% of the site’s total traffic. is your business utilizing mobile devices to connect with your audience?

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Most people already know about the importance of serving mobile users. Mobile users can account for anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of the site’s total traffic. While the audience varies from business to business, the constant for most businesses is that they are not utilizing the features of mobile devices to connect and engage with their audience.

Enabling Mobile Device Marketing in the First Place

utilizing your customers mobile devices is easier than ever beforeTo make use of mobile devices, the first thing that businesses need to do is develop their own app. A big door will open by getting your customers to download your app. Most businesses think that building an app and managing the app is a waste of money and resources, especially since most businesses will give their app away.

In reality, that is far from the truth. The app will allow you to connect with your customers directly. You have to think about it as another marketing channel like social media or email. What’s important when designing apps is that you create one that offers a lot of value to your target audience. This gets users to use your app on a regular basis and keep your app on their phones.

Once you’ve gotten your app into the phones of your customers, you can use push notifications to send them messages. This can be a great way to push out your content and send promotional offers. What’s surprising is that not enough businesses are using push notifications to engage their customers. Everyone in our staff has multiple apps downloaded onto our phones, yet we find it surprising that we receive very few push notifications.

Pushing the Boundaries of Marketing to Mobile Devices

Another strategy that companies have been using is using proximity marketing. Proximity marketing is a marketing strategy that interacts with customers depending on their location. That means that you can set up to for messages to be sent if they are located within a certain radius of your business.

This is big for businesses that have local presence as they can do everything from sending nearby customers exclusive offers, reminders, to tips that can help drive traffic to their storefront. Many corporations have been others aspects of proximity marketing such as geofencing and beacons to provide astounding customer experiences and use an interactive way to deliver valuable content.

Serve Customers According to their Preferences

To make your marketing message resonate better with your customers, you can also add personalization to the mix. By collecting surveys and analyzing data based on app usage, you can get a better idea of what customers are looking for. This data can be used to make the app function differently depending on the actions and preferences of the user.

You can integrate this data into your CRM system and segment your users so that you create more relevant touch points in other marketing channels. This will also allow you to build a more precise customer profile which will help you better serve your customers. And by using this integrated approach, you will make your entire marketing strategy more effective.

There are many more ways to utilize the mobile devices of your customers from setting up QR code campaigns, launching SMS marketing campaigns, and even integrating customer support into your app for a better customer experience. We have worked with many different strategies, and use an integrated approach to digital marketing bring about results for our clients. Learn more about how Paradux Media Group can help you by calling 541-727-0627.

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