Convert Your Website into an Online Experience in 2022

Websites have transformed from pages of electronic information to become online experience of the business.

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Convert Your Website into an Online Experience in 2022Why does your business have a website?  The answers from business owners vary greatly:

  • “So customers can find us.”
  • “To provide basic information like location and hours of operation.”
  • “Because every business needs a website.”
  • “To help customers learn about our products and services.”

Regardless of why your company first published its website, the reasons people visit it may be different today from in the past. Websites have transformed from pages of electronic information to become online experience of the business.

For example, online shopping has been on the rise for years.  In 2019, 312.32 million people in the United States had access to the internet, pushing the boundaries on how its functionality can increase convenience in daily lives. DigitalCommerce 360 reported an increase of 32.4% in online sales during 2020–meaning that 19.6% of total retail sales were generated from e-commerce sites.  Sure, an impetus for e-shopping during 2020 was most certainly the pandemic; however, now that people have figured out how to do everything from purchasing this week’s groceries to attending a doctor’s appointment online, many consumers are maintaining these behaviors long after physical locations reopened.

Whether your website is set up for e-commerce or acts as a portal for other products and services, what’s important is that you give your website as much attention as you do your physical location and in-person business.

With an online experience, visitors seek out your website to obtain resources, relevant information, and sometimes entertainment.  Visitors stay on your website longer than the few seconds it takes to find your hours of operation or phone number and frequently visit several pages to digest multiple segments of information.  When people see the breadth of your expertise, they are more likely to do business with you and refer your resources to friends and family.

What should you include in your 2022 budget for the transformation to an online experience?

Content.  Yes, content helps drive SEO and increase your odds of being found in search results, but it does much more than that.  First, good content on your website will help to educate your visitors and convert them into customers.  But secondly, a library of quality content on your website becomes an information hub and can make your site a knowledge base for researchers who will share your links on other websites.

Ideally, you want to keep your content fresh.  Some parts of your website may only need to be updated when information about products and services change.  However, adding weekly or biweekly blog articles keeps visitors interested in returning to your website and shows Google that your page is constantly filled with new and unique information.

Video.  If a picture can express a thousand words, a video can share a million.  Professionally filmed video can capture attention, express emotion, and compel commitment.  Short films are an effective way to provide information and education to visitors and help them gain trust in your company.  Well-designed, exciting videos are commonly shared via social media platforms and included as backlinks on other websites.

With today’s technology, it’s easy for marketing professionals to capture, edit, and publish beautiful videos.  There’s no reason not to regularly add new videos to your website to enhance visitors’ experiences.

Live Events.  What better way to connect with hundreds of people at one time to share industry expertise and discuss the benefits of your products and services than using online event software.  Today, most computer users are very familiar with logging into Zoom on WebEx meetings, and the software is straightforward to use.  Your marketing team can help you build content and learn how to use the technology effectively to best showcase your company online.

Email campaigns.  Personalized and targeted email is still one of the most effective ways to communicate with people interested in your products and services.  The best campaigns include valuable and interesting information and limit the sales content to a specific call to action.  Emails can be a great way to capture attention and draw readers to your website.

Are you ready to take your website to the next level?

Getting started on transforming your website into an online experience is as easy as contacting Paradux Media Group.  Our team will work directly with you to discuss your 2022 goals and help you prepare a strategic road map and accompanying marketing budget to get your website where you want it to go.  We provide comprehensive expertise and consultative support to small and mid-sized businesses nationwide.  Give us a call today to learn more about how Paradux Media can help you achieve success.

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