Attract Customers Attention with Engaging Video ContentIf you’re not using video content to promote your brand or advertise your product, you’re missing the attention of many customers.  Packed agendas and multitasking have left humans with shortened attention spans and a desire to consume information that entertains as well as informs.

Why should you be using video content in your marketing strategy?

Nearly 90% of online marketers use video content.  Here’s why:

Humans are visual people.  The images we see and the words we hear make strong impressions in our minds.  Video helps us grasp concepts more easily, develop desires for the formerly unknown, and visualize our lives in different scenarios.  Consumers report retaining 95% of a message delivered via video versus 10% when reading that same information in text.  A compelling story told visually creates heightened emotions and emotions lead to action.

Consumers have limited time.  Microsoft conducted research in 2000 that concluded consumers had an attention span of 12 seconds.  By 2015, that number dropped to 8 seconds.  Effective marketing has literally a couple of seconds to capture a consumer’s attention and entice them to stop and view the message.  Moving pictures, catchy music, and the sound of a human’s voice are much more effective than other static forms of media.

Quality video marketing is accessible to all.  Video marketing is cost-effective and thanks to advances in technology, easier to produce than ever.  With the right editing equipment, access to video cameras and drones, animation software, and a creative production team, video marketing can be produced on just about any company’s budget.

What are you doing to reach consumers with video content?

According to Forbes magazine in 2018, consumers spend 88% more time viewing websites that include videos.  This type of attention provides your company three big benefits:

  1. You have the captive attention of more consumers learning about the features and benefits of your product or service.
  2. Consumers who find your products and services interesting (or the videos just downright amusing) are likely to share the video on social media or via direct messaging to friends and family. In fact, 92% of mobile viewers report sharing videos with others.
  3. Google monitors how long visitors spend on your website. Longer visits to watch videos boost your “score” and can help to bump your page higher on the search returns.

What’s the best way to create video content?

Rather than trying to learn it on your own, it’s best to connect with professionals who have the tools and expertise to promote your business most effectively.  Our team at Paradux Media Group can help you develop the right video content for your business needs.  Whether you’re looking for a quick video to advertise a new product or want to incorporate video content into your overall marketing strategy, we have the resources to meet your needs.  Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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Angela Peacor is the master of words for the Paradux Media team, providing unique content for digital and traditional marketing projects. She combines real-world experience with research to create engaging content for our clients and their customers. Her work includes writing material for various industries, from petroleum distribution to cosmetics, green energy, agriculture, alternative health supplements, construction, towing, and even a local butcher. You name it, Angela can write about it.

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