Why Video Marketing is so Important

Now is the time to learn about how video marketing can help take your organization into a new dimension of excellence and exceptionalism.

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video-marketingThese days, many business owners are thinking about how to make their companies as successful as possible. If this is the case for you, now is the time to learn about how video marketing can help take your organization into a new dimension of excellence and exceptionalism. Learn more about why video advertising is so important by reviewing the short outline provided below:

1. Optimized Conversion.

One reason that advertising with videos is so important results from the fact that doing so increases customer conversions. In fact, research indicates that 71% of marketers note that video conversion rates exceed those that result when other types of marketing content are used.

2. Stronger Emotional Connections.

Another reason that video advertising is important results from the fact that it enables business owners to establish stronger emotional connections with prospective clients. For example, videos empower you to incorporate numerous attributes such as music, face expressions, and voice tone. These options are not available within the realm of traditional content. Yet they are immensely important because they empower you to evoke emotion, thereby influencing the consumer’s decision-making process in your favor.

3. Rise in Accessibility.

In a former era, creating a video could take several months while also costing thousands of dollars. This made the video marketing process inaccessible for many business owners. Now, however, the video production process has become more affordable. The rise in accessibility makes it more important to use video advertising services because it means that you can attain sound advertising assistance without breaking the bank or waiting a long time to see results.

4. Optimized Click-Through Rates.

Another great reason you’ll want to use video marketing services results from the fact that doing so can increase the likelihood that people click on your links. As many advertising experts know, using videos in e-mails doubles click-through rates.

5. Higher Retention Rates.

Studies indicate that 65% of viewers will look at more than 3/4 of a video. The rate is much lower for traditional, text-based content. As such, business owners who are serious about getting their brand-building message across should know that video advertising is likely the best way to realize the goal.

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