How Do Digital Ads Work?

If your company is thinking about how digital ads work, here are five reasons why they may be just right for your goals.

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The landscape for advertising has drastically changed over the past ten years. Many companies have started to successfully use digital ads to generate leads and build a following. If your company is thinking about how digital ads work and incorporating this type of advertising into your overall strategy, here are five reasons why they may be just right for the goals that you want to achieve:

Digital Ads Target Almost Anyone

How do digital ads workSocial media sites have billions of users on their platform. With this amount of traffic, you have access to a wide range of demographics. You can target your audience based on location, interests, connections, age and lifestyle choices. Advertising on the platform gives you a chance to interact and engage with prospective customers. You can use GIFs, informative videos or images to relay your message.

Even more importantly, the customers that you reach are going to be the ones who are interested in what you are selling. This gives you the opportunity to build a fan base of loyal followers. If you solve problems for your customers, they will be willing to share your solutions with others.

Digital Ads Work Cost-Effectively

With traditional advertising, it’s difficult to narrow down your demographics and measure how effective your advertising dollars are being spent. In contrast, digital advertising provides you with data that shows you the actual value of your advertising. Billboards, television or print advertisements are much more expensive than running a small test on a social media platform to see how your audience is responding. You can begin by budgeting a small amount per day to see if your ads are working. Once you’ve got a campaign that’s doing well, you can scale it up and increase your revenue.

The Mobile Economy

One of the benefits of using digital ads is the access it gives you to mobile customers. Smartphones have made it easy for people to browse the internet for goods and services. Over 50 percent of people on the internet are consuming content via their mobile devices. If your company isn’t placing your brand in front of the eyes of prospective customers, they will probably never find you.

Digital Ads Work to Increase Engagement and Interactivity

Now that you can use videos for your advertising campaigns, you can increase engagement with your audience. Statistics indicate that by 2020, three-quarters of the world’s mobile data traffic will be dominated by video. Also, you can conduct surveys or use other types of interactive activities that are incorporated into your advertisements. You can have fun with customers by sharing clever ads that entertain at the same time that they promote.

Easy To Make Adjustments

Unlike traditional advertising, you can quickly change your online advertisements so that it meets your requirements. By split testing ads, you can see which ones are effective and eliminate ones that are not. You can’t do that with traditional marketing — if your message doesn’t resonate, those ad dollars have been wasted.

If you want to develop your brand and take advantage of these benefits and more, contact us with any questions. We’d be happy to help.

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