How to Improve Your Google AdWords ROI

Improving your AdWords ROI (return on investment) will save you money and generate better leads. Here are some simple steps to begin.

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There are hundreds of online platforms and websites where you can promote your business, but they often pale in comparison to AdWords. Released in October 2000, AdWords is Google’s long-running pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform. Using it, you can display custom ads in Google’s search results, Gmail, and other properties when someone searches for one of your target keywords.

Advertising your business on AdWords isn’t free. Like all PPC platforms, you are charged a small fee each time someone searches for your keyword and clicks your ad. However, there are ways to lower the cost of AdWords and get the most benefit from your PPC expenditure.

Tips to Improve Your AdWords ROI

how to improve your google adwords roi

The first step to improving your AdWords ROI (return on investment) is to choose the right target keywords. These are the keywords that will trigger ad impressions. Short-tail keywords consisting of just one or two words usually have the highest search volume, but they also have the highest competition, making them more expensive than long-tail keywords. Structuring your AdWords campaigns with highly relevant long-tail keywords will lower your click costs and improve your ROI.

You should also create small ad groups in your AdWords campaign. As explained by Google, advertisers can add up to 20,000 target keywords to each ad group. Just because you can add this many, though, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. On the contrary, creating small ad groups with just a half-dozen or so keywords will increase your campaign’s performance by providing a higher level of relevancy. With fewer keywords per ad group, you can create highly relevant, click-worthy ads. Some advertisers even create single-keyword ad groups (SKAGs).

To target Google’s search results, choose the Search Network when setting up your AdWords campaign. The Display Network, while effective at generating clicks and traffic, doesn’t offer the same quality as the Search Network. With the Display Network, your ads will display on third-party websites that participate in Google’s AdSense program. Unfortunately, this traffic doesn’t convert as well as Google’s search traffic. You can still test the waters of the Display Network, but focus on the Search Network to maximize your AdWords budget.

Partner With a Digital Advertising Agency

Not all business owners have the time, resources or skills to properly optimize their AdWords campaign. If this sounds familiar, consider partnering with a digital advertising agency like Paradux Media Group. We’ll create, optimize and manage your business’s AdWords campaigns, allowing you to focus your resources elsewhere, such as growing your business or improving its products or services.

Don’t let a poorly optimized AdWords campaign send your business into financial turmoil. Contact the digital advertising professionals today at Paradux Media Group to schedule a consultation.


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