Is TV Advertising Right for My Business?

So many businesses have joined the digital marketing bandwagon that you may not have thought about TV advertising lately.

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So many businesses have joined the digital marketing bandwagon that you may not have thought about TV advertising lately. Although television falls in the same category as other traditional channels, it still has some appealing advantages.

Is TV Advertising Right for My Business?Audience

Regardless of whether you buy advertising time on a local station or a national network, television can reach large audiences with people who are willing to watch whatever pops on their screen.

Obviously, targeting niche market segments with television presents more challenges that digital advertising, you can spread general messages about your brand.


By incorporating traditional channels such as TV into your marketing strategy, you can increase your exposure to your audience. This can help people remember your brand and give you a chance to respond in different ways.


Despite the pervasiveness of online technologies, people still spend a lot of their time viewing television. If you advertise when your targeted demographics are most likely to watch, you can expose your brand to them several times daily.

Of course, these and other advantages provided by television may help every business. Also, TV has some definite disadvantages that may, for your circumstances, negate its benefits.

TV Advertising Disadvantages

To be fair, some things about TV advertising may make it unsuitable for your company.


Whenever you gain access to large, captive audiences, you can expect to pay a premium price. Additionally, your advertising fees must help television stations cover their substantial operating overhead.

So, if your business works on a shoestring budget, you may need to focus on cost-effective digital marketing channels.


When you pay for PPC advertising, you have access to statistics and A/B testing that can give you a chance to tweak them in real time. With television commercials, you’re stuck. After you’ve finished production, changing your ad is difficult and expensive.

In short, trial-and-error advertising on television may not work well for any business that has limited funds.


When advertising on TV, you may need to effectively communicate complicated messages in a very short time. Some commercials may give you 15 seconds or less. If you can’t find a succinct way to call your audience to action, you may need to resort to online ads.

Online ads give you a chance to let people click to get more information. When people arrive at your site, you can pitch your offer and provide a chance to buy.

Now that you’ve learned some things about what television advertising can do for you, think about your options. If you’re unsure, contact us right now to find out more about advertising on TV. We can help you develop a strategy that is affordable and effective.

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