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Marketing Trends In 2020 That You Can Utilize

Top Marketing Trends in 2020 Marketing innovation is moving rapidly this year. Trends in 2020 will focus on the adoption of new technologies

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Marketing innovation is moving rapidly this year. Trends in 2020 will focus on the adoption of new technologies that will have an impact both on your digital and conventional marketing.

marketing trends in 2020 that you can utilizeKeeping Bert Happy

Google recently applied the most recent update to its algorithm and its name is Bert. As per their own words, Bert is the most important update the search engine juggernaut has made in five years. Understanding Bert is key because of the update’s impact on every item on our list.

The new Google update uses artificial intelligence to better understand and rank content on the web. Essentially, achieving top search rankings will require creating content that is helpful and easy to consume for your audience. Let’s look at the top marketing trends in 2020 you need to follow in order to stay current in your market.

1. Conversational Marketing

Conversational queries will gain greater importance in 2020 as Google places an emphasis on context. Creating an infrastructure for your small business’s marketing that supports this functionality will give you a head start.

Smart chatbots are already being used on websites for the purpose of interacting with customers. The continuous adoption of smart speakers is expected to take conversational marketing to the next level. Until then, optimizing your website for voice queries will ensure you take advantage of voice-activated search. Indicative of this trend is the expectation that over 50 percent of searches will be conducted without the use of typing in 2020.

If you own a dog training business in Medford, Oregon, for example, you can create an informative blog post. Write in a conversational tone without trying to shoehorn your keywords into your text awkwardly. Explain how your customer’s daily routine will be improved by having a trained dog. Use plenty of long-tail keywords in your text and leverage your Google My Business listing to maximize your local marketing and take advantage of the top marketing trends in 2020.

2. Going Visual

With over 85 percent of Americans consuming video content online regularly, video production is a trend you need to embrace. You will find your audience to be more receptive to video content while Google will reward you with better rankings. Tutorials make for great videos as users appreciate the effort you place on helping them with their needs and is certainly a top marketing trend in 2020.

3. Personalized Experience

Consumers have more choices than ever and the success of your business relies on your ability to stand out. Considering the fact that 80 percent of consumers polled in 2017 showed an overwhelming preference for companies providing a tailored experience, personalization will boost your results.

4. Becoming Data-Driven

Digital marketing tools offer you the capacity to collect and use a wide range of performance data. From your website and social media to your online ad campaigns, the analytics available are game-changing. Understanding how to make decisions based on this data will be a decisive factor in getting more customers in 2020.

Implementing Top Marketing Trends In 2020

Applying these trends in your marketing can be a hassle. Your day to day tasks occupies most of your time while overcoming the learning curve associated with this new technology can be a hassle.

Take Advantage of New Market Trends

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