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Why You Need Videos to Improve the SEO of Your Website

That brings us to how you improve SEO with video on your website. Do you want to see a successful video strategy in action?

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 Improve SEO with Video on Your WebsiteIn the U.S. alone, there are somewhere between 40 to 60 billion searches conducted on Google each month.  In fact, almost a third of users said they use the internet daily to find a local business to meet their needs.  For business owners, this means that being found on the internet is critical to gaining new customers and additional sales.

Getting found usually means developing and maintaining a website that ranks highly in Google searches.  Most people never look further than the first page of results.  Hence our continued focus on search engine optimization of SEO.  As a quick refresher, successful SEO means that your website ranks somewhere on that first page when a person searches for key terms related to your business.

Google makes this challenging because their algorithm that performs these 60 billion searches each month is proprietary.  No one outside of Google programmers knows precisely what Google is looking for when deciding which results to select.  However, we know in very general terms what Google is looking for:  relevant and unique information about a topic that people find interesting.

As a result, we know these things about how Google chooses websites.  First, for information to be unique, it cannot be copied from other sources.  New perspectives and genuine content grab the interest of Google’s search engine.  Secondly, whether or not the information is interesting to users is measured by many factors:

  • How many people visit a site or page?
  • Do readers click on links?
  • How long do they spend on a page?
  • Do they scroll to the bottom?
  • Do they share the information with others on social media or blogs?
  • Are there genuine instances of other people including a web page’s address on another site?
  • , etc., etc.….

That brings us to how you improve SEO with video on your website.

  1. Videos keep viewers on your site longer.  People spend an average of 2 minutes and 17 seconds looking at a website.  If you have an exciting video that captivates attention, viewers will spend more time on your website to watch the video.  Most people will spend 3 to 5 minutes watching an informational video or longer if it is a particular topic they are interested in.
  2. Videos tell the story better than words alone.  Storytelling is the most effective method for selling products and services.  People enjoy watching videos to see and hear the story in progress, much more so than reading words on a screen.  When viewers become more interested in your products and services, they are more likely to click on other pages on your website or other links on the same page.
  3. Videos allow your personality to shine through.  People want to do business with people they like.  A talented videographer will be able to capture your company’s culture and showcase your business in a way that your target audience finds authentic, interesting, and trustworthy.  Viewers are more likely to keep browsing your site for other information they need.
  4. Videos posted on other platforms (i.e., YouTube) can send users to your website.  Google owns YouTube, and many people who search on Google choose “Video” as their filter for searches.  YouTube videos have become a popular place for people to find DIY instructions or other educational information.  By producing videos that answer popular questions, viewers will see your company’s name and can click on your website’s link to learn more about it.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Do you want to see a successful video strategy in action?  Since the early 2000s, people have used the search term “will it blend?” on Google to find entertaining videos of grinding ordinary objects in a Blendtec blender.  Visit the Blendtec website, and you’ll find a page dedicated to Tom Dickson. This entertaining and brave individual stuffs everything from Sharpie markers and glowsticks to an iPhone 11 inside a blender to see “Will it Blend?”

Their “Will it Blend?” video series may seem crazy, hilarious, and just downright silly (and plenty dangerous).  Even BlendTec did at first–it started as a kind of joke.  However, these videos get shared on social media and bring an astonishing number of viewers to the Blendtec site each month.  Some of them just want to watch more entertaining videos, while a significant number of them end up buying this somewhat pricey and extremely durable blender for themselves.  Regardless, every click and minute spent watching one of their videos from their website increases the rating the Google algorithm assigns to their site.  As a result, “Will it Blend?” has become a strategic part of the BlendTec advertising strategy.

Ready to try adding a website video to your marketing strategy?

Contact our team at Paradux Media Group today, and let’s get started.  We have a full production team on staff to create the perfect video that will bring attention to your product or service.  Whether you’re looking for a video that’s sure to be shared on social media or you just want an easier way for clients to understand your business, we can create a professional video that meets your needs.  Give us a call today, and let’s get started.

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