Why Email Marketing Campaigns Achieve ROI’s of $40 or More

Why Email Marketing Campaigns Achieve ROI’s of $40 or More

Although you may not want to reach all 4.03b worldwide with your email marketing campaign, it still tops the list for marketing effectiveness.

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Every person using the internet has an email account.  Think about that for a moment.  Sure, people are mindlessly scrolling on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok throughout the day. Still, every single one of those people has an email box they check purposefully regularly.  Although you may not want to reach all 4.03 billion people worldwide with your email marketing campaigns, this method of communication still tops the list for marketing effectiveness.

Using email to connect with your customers has many advantages:

  1. Why Email Marketing Campaigns Achieve ROI’s of $40 or MoreIt’s the most targeted marketing medium available.  When you collect email addresses from customers and potential clients, you have the contact information for people interested in your product.  By giving you their data, they’ve told you they want to learn more about your company and how you can serve them better.
  2. You own the data.  You know exactly who you are sending information to.  Once you develop more information about each of your clients attached to the email addresses, you can segment your lists to distribute communications to the customers most likely to be interested in the message.  You’re not relying on Facebook or another third party to determine who should see your communication.
  3. You can personalize it.  Email tools allow you to filter your customer information file, so communication is sent to people with relevant interests and needs.  Messages can include the person’s name and any other information you have stored in your contact database.
  4. It’s timely communication.  Email gives you the power to send current news and promotional information to customers instantly.  You decide what is most important to be shared that week or that month, and it’s in your customers’ email boxes within seconds.  There’s no reason to wait for a publishing house to print copies of your new promotion; instead, it can be in recipients’ hands by lunch.
  5. Links and e-forms make it easy for the customer to respond.  Email communications and newsletters include links to quickly refer the reader to your website for more information, a pathway to your online store, or an avenue to complete an electronic form that connects to your database.  Ease of taking action leads to higher conversion rates.

How do you collect email addresses?

Our team at Paradux Media Group can work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy for email marketing, including tools you can use to collect information about your clients and potential customers.  We’ll also guide you to use required disclosures, privacy policies, and opt-in phrasing so you can include these addresses in your marketing campaigns.

There are many ways to collect email addresses from your actual and potential customers.  Here are just a few very simple ideas your company can implement:

  1. Include a prize drawing at every show booth.  Ask for the participant’s email address on the entry forms.
  2. Ask viewers on your website to sign up for your newsletter.
  3. Provide additional product or industry information (such as survey results, a white paper, etc.) to the email address submitted by a viewer of your website.
  4. Create promotions on Facebook to direct traffic to a landing page where viewers can submit their email addresses for additional information or call back.
  5. Implement loyalty rewards programs connected to email addresses and offer to email customer receipts at the check stand.

Are you ready to kick start your marketing efforts with email marketing campaigns?

Call our team at Paradux Media Group today, and let’s get started.  Now’s a great time to evaluate your sales and performance from the first half of the year and decide what changes should be made to your strategies to achieve success by year-end.

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