Have you ever watched a YouTube video to figure out how to use a product or learn how a service works?  If so, you’re not alone.  It turns out that nearly 96% of people have done the same thing.  People love watching videos and, on average, view about sixteen hours of videos online each week.  By telling your story with video you can leverage this media and realize a strong return on investment.

Why does video content work?

Adult-learning experts in the business community have been experimenting with video messaging for a long time, and the reason is simple–it works.  The human brain is much more capable of retaining information from a video than after reading text.  While this may be an extreme example, one study found that a minute of video was equivalent to about 1.8 million words of text.  While we wouldn’t go that far, the point is very clear–using video to extend your brand, discuss your products, explain your services, and ask for the sale is an efficient and effective way to grow your business.

Videos include many of the elements our brains crave.  Sounds, music, motion, and imagery all attract the mind’s attention.  From the beginning of time, the human brain has trained itself to focus on anything that makes noise or moves.  This is why people can become consumed by binge-watching television shows.  

When people focus intently on a video, they are more likely to develop a positive impression of the information they receive and remember it.  Some marketing professionals report that video advertising results in a 34% higher conversion rate, particularly when combined with other forms of marketing materials for a complete promotional campaign.  

What are the other benefits of video advertising?

Of course, the primary goal of video advertising is to communicate a message in a manner that makes a positive impression on the viewer.  But there are other benefits you may not have realized.

  1. Video content can help achieve better search ranking.  When a visitor watches your embedded video on your website, they may spend 2 to 3 minutes on your page.  Search engines rank websites based on engagement, and one factor in engagement is the length of time viewers spend on your pages.  
  2. People share good videos.  Whether your video is clever and funny or interesting and engaging, people love to share videos they find valuable with friends and family.  When your video is shared, your message reaches a wider audience at no additional cost to you.
  3. Videos can give your company a personal touch.  Many consumers want to do business with people, not a “company.”  When you or your team members are featured in videos, consumers see the people behind the company name and are more likely to purchase from you.  

Ready to start telling your story with video?

Contact our team at Paradux Media Group today, and let’s get started.  We have a full production team on staff to create the perfect video that will bring attention to your product or service.  Whether you’re looking for a video that’s sure to be shared on social media or you just want an easier way for clients to understand your business, we can create a professional video that meets your needs.  Give us a call today, and let’s get started.

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Angela Peacor is the master of words for the Paradux Media team, providing unique content for digital and traditional marketing projects. She combines real-world experience with research to create engaging content for our clients and their customers. Her work includes writing material for various industries, from petroleum distribution to cosmetics, green energy, agriculture, alternative health supplements, construction, towing, and even a local butcher. You name it, Angela can write about it.

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