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Strategy is SO Important!

Remember the lyric, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” from the George Harrison song “Any Road”? Well, it’s especially true in business. But the cold-hard reality is that getting out of the day-to-day and into the strategy mode can be quite difficult. It takes discipline, and it takes dedication…. Read More

content is king

How Content Marketing has Impacted Digital Marketing (And What It Means for Your Business)

By now, we’re all pretty tired of the phrase “content is king,” no matter how true it may be. With content’s continued domination in digital marketing strategy (a Content Marketing Institute study found that 58% of businesses plan to increase their content marketing budget in 2014), businesses have realized that broad tactics such as press… Read More


Online Marketing Help Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Let’s face it, online marketing technology is pervasive and ever-present. If you’re not comfortable with navigating through your website, facebook page, twitter, pay per click advertising, email list, etc, etc, etc, you’re at a significant disadvantage in today’s world. Is there any truth to any of these? You don’t use your website because you don’t remember how… Read More

Choosing Your Target Audience   Paradux Media Group

Choosing Your Target Audience

If you missed my presentation on the 5 Days to Kickstart Your Consultancy Business, I’ve made it available for you here below. Enjoy! Get your free gifts by clicking here! Video Transcript: Hi there. I understand you’re thinking about or have just started a consultancy business. How exciting for you, this is the exact right moment… Read More

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Social Media Strategy for Law Firms

Social media strategy for law firms often isn’t a priority for attorneys. Some feel it is because there is a crowd of online attorneys, advice blogs and social pages to compete with. In an industry where you have a finely-targeted audience, investing time and effort in social media networking can actually give you an advantage… Read More

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Forget the Business Card Design Portfolio and Design a Great Business Card

While today’s world is full of social media and online marketing, one long-standing marketing technique tends to be overlooked. A business card is one of the best ways to promote your business when you are interacting with customers at conferences and events. Searching through a business card design portfolio can help you choose a style… Read More


Tisha Oehmen Named Top 30 Brand Gurus In The World

Tisha Oehmen, Branding Expert with Paradux Media Group, Recently voted #15 in the “Top 30 Most Influential Brand Gurus in the World.”  Voted on by over 22,000 industry peers and business professionals, Tisha Oehmen makes Brand’s prestigious Top 30 Brand Gurus List along with other globally known marketing experts, such as: Martin Lindstrom, Sally Hogshead and… Read More


5 Days to Kick Start Your Consultancy Business

Do you have a consultancy business? Coach? Mentor? Counselor? Mastermind Leader? I know for a lot of consultants, while they are amazing at helping others identify what’s not working and fix it — it’s MUCH harder when it’s your own business. (OK — I know this from personal experience.) For some reason, when it’s our own… Read More

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Brand Books Examples – Vote for Your Favorite!

Brand books examples aren’t the easiest to find, but if you’re trying to write your own brand book — find them you must. I’ve been a long time collector of brand books examples since well before I started writing my book, Finding Brand: The Brand Book Tutorial, which shows elements from real brand books and… Read More

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Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Realtors

The success of a realtor depends on the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Good marketing strategies will help you establish new connections and promote your business effectively. On top of that, it will help you pursue leads and get referrals of prospective customers who are seeking property. Let’s look at 5 powerful marketing strategies for realtors you ought… Read More

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WordPress Tutorial: How is Your List?

Today, I wanted to talk briefly about the number one thing you can be doing right now to create a passive stream of income for yourself in years to come — and that is growing your list. This is the number one way to create passive income in your business in the long run. If… Read More

brand narrative

What is a Brand Narrative?

I often get asked,  “What is a Brand Narrative”? And the answer is simply your brand story. It’s both the history of and the future focus for your business. All tied up in one tight strategy. What is a brand narrative doing for my business? Simply put, your brand narrative provides context to your team, continuity… Read More