Social Media Strategy for Law Firms

Social media strategy for law firms often isn't a priority. But positioning as an online authority and resource can be beneficial.

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photo credit Eversheds International via Flickr
photo credit Eversheds International via Flickr

Social media strategy for law firms often isn’t a priority for attorneys. Some feel it is because there is a crowd of online attorneys, advice blogs and social pages to compete with. In an industry where you have a finely-targeted audience, investing time and effort in social media networking can actually give you an advantage over the competition. You already have a unique personality that helps you advertise in a local market. Take this uniqueness and start building yourself up as an online authority and resource.

Why Lawyers Don’t Use Social Media Strategy for Law Firms

On the other hand, some lawyers shy away from social media strategy because they are afraid to become an authority figure. They want to keep their focus on the clients that they do have, rather than trying to rope in new ones. Becoming an online authority takes effort and resources. This can cut into the time and money they have devoted to their local client base.

Social Media Strategy for Law Firms is Important

It is important to have an online presence. Using social media can be the quickest way to get your name out there. Simply socializing using social media allows you to network with other lawyers in the area and connect with clients on a personal level.

One Easy Social Media Strategy for Law Firms

Individual lawyers can also benefit from maintaining a blog. By writing 300 to 500 word posts a few times a week, you are able to showcase your knowledge. Even if you aren’t looking for new clients, this can be a great way to let people know that you are always researching and willing to help those in need. This may even give your current clients some reassurance.

Social media strategy shouldn’t be taboo for lawyers. It should be embraced and incorporated into their sales strategy. Even if assistance is needed or there are time restraints that make it difficult to maintain, social media can be a worthwhile investment with a lot of potential. There are plenty of resources available for law firms that want to start getting more involved. If you’d like to explore how your firm an implement a social media strategy, please contact us.

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