10 Marketing Habits Killing Your Budget

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When it comes to marketing it’s pretty easy to make a mistake. There are many different marketing strategies you can use and not all of them are good. The bad ones really kill your budget and so here are 10 habits you need to avoid.

1. Spam

No one likes spam and it doesn’t work. Don’t bother ever paying for spam. Email providers are constantly improving their spam filters and people ignore spam and delete it without looking. It also risks lowering your reputation because no one likes spammers.

2. Targeting the wrong area

There are plenty of websites that offer advertising directly. Make sure that the website you advertise on is used by your target demographic. It’s an easy mistake to make and an easier one to avoid.

3. Having no strategy

You should always have a goal or a strategy when you market something. Whether it’s to reach a certain amount of people or to increase business a certain amount. If you don’t have a goal then you’re just mindlessly spending.

4.Doing the same thing as everyone else

You need to do something that works best for you, not what works best for everyone else. Each company is different and so each marketing strategy should be too. Find something that works for you.

5. Not focusing in the customers

It’s pretty easy to think something is all about you but the strategy has to focus on the customers. Rather than touting how amazing your product is; think about how it can solve problems the users have. Advertise what it can do for them, not you.

6.Endless automation

Using technology to streamline the process of marketing can be a good idea. It can work well for you and make everything smoother. The downside is that too much of it negatively affects the consumer. Don’t neglect the human touch.

7.Wanting too much approval

When it comes to Facebook and Twitter it’s way too easy to get caught up in the world of “likes” and “retweets”. While it’s good to be shared, focusing too much attention on that is negative. Some sectors are favoured more than others on social media. Focus your attention where it needs to be; delivering a clear and concise advertising message.

8. Sending mixed messages

Focus on only one message to send to your customers and stay on target with that message. Advertising different messages can sometimes lead to mixed messages and problems with interpretation. Focus on one goal with one strategy, rather than trying to branch out and wasting a lot of money.

9. Doing everything yourself

It might sound cheaper and more appealing to do everything yourself, and it sort of is, but it’s more expensive in the long run. You’re competing with professional marketers and you stand a very good chance of losing. The cost of hiring a professional can be made back with the more profitable marketing campaign.

10. Marketing too much
photo credit Pete via Flickr
photo credit Pete via Flickr

It’s way too easy to pay for too much marketing and bombard your customers. If you streamline your efforts and pay only for what you need, you can really save a lot of money. Too much advertising has a negative impact as well. Don’t go overboard with your marketing.

Following those simple steps will ensure that you have a profitable campaign, both in terms of money saved and in a better outcome.

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