How to make your brand more ” Pinterest -ing “

Are you looking for tips to make your brand strategy more interesting? Then, using Pinterest is the answer. This article will show you how.

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Are you looking for tips to make your brand strategy more interesting? Then, using Pinterest is the answer. If your business is benefitting from Pinterest, you might want to consider using it for your business more effectively.

So, how can you make your brand more “Pinteresting”?

Build relationships with influencers

Each and every platform has some people, who have a high influence on the others. Maintaining good relationships with the influencers through Pinterest can help benefit your business. Follow the influencers and re-pin the content that you like the most from their pins. Go ahead and make thoughtful comments against their pins by liking them. This can help you in building solid relationships.

Convert your personal Pinterest page into a business page

Last year, Pinterest started offering business pages to its users. Even though personal pages do not look any different from the Pinterest business pages, the business pages feature analytics that personal pages do not. Take a few minutes to convert your personal Pinterest page into your business page. This can give you a list of unique users, the impressions made on your page, the number of re-pins made and the content that gets the most likes and re-pins.

Designate Pinterest boards to represent your brand

Since Pinterest is a casual social media, it is easy to get caught up in that feeling. Instead, consider creating and designating boards that would represent your brand on Pinterest. Similar to the way you share your content on the other social media, use Pinterest to evoke the interest of people in your brand. Share information of interest with the people on your brand on the boards and make sure the boards you create are about your brand.

Explore rich pins
photo credit mkhmarketing
photo credit mkhmarketing

Do you want to add some more information to your pin? While article pins include information about the author of the pin, the headline, the storyline and the description, product pins include information about the availability and the pricing of your products, and the information on where to buy them. Movie pins on the other hand include information on the storyline, the cast and the reviews and place pins include the address of a business office, their phone number and the map. You can easily select which pin category you want to go in for along with the proper meta-tags and then, finalize your pin. Make use of rich pins to evoke the interest of your customers in your brand by giving them more brand relevant information.

Greet your commenters

Do not let the casual style and the feel of Pinterest keep you from engaging with all the commenters on your Pinterest page. Make sure your social media managers respond to the variegated comments of your customers and reply the questions that users post on your pins. Make sure you are highly polite toward your customers and that your social media managers at least mark a like on their pins and comments. Make sure you also get your social media managers to interact with the commenters at least once in a day. This will make your business a more “Pinteresting” one.

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