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Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Realtors

The best marketing strategies for realtors focus on nurturing leads and drawing the attention and interest of clients.

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The success of a realtor depends on the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Good marketing strategies will help you establish new connections and promote your business effectively. On top of that, it will help you pursue leads and get referrals of prospective customers who are seeking property. Let’s look at 5 powerful marketing strategies for realtors you ought to know.

Know and Focus on a Target Market

Photo Credit Banalities via Flickr
Photo Credit Banalities via Flickr

One of the surefire marketing strategies for realtors is knowing and focusing on a target market. As a realtor, you can’t afford to be a “jack of all trades” in  real estate or sell to all and sundry. If you do so, you’ll spread yourself thin and become counterproductive.  You have to focus on a niche market and service it accordingly. Look at the most profitable niches and tailor your marketing plan for your clients so that you can offer them great value and products that satisfy their needs fully.

Communicate Regularly with Clients

Maintaining communication with clients is one of the best marketing strategies for realtors.  As a realtor, you have to keep in touch regularly with present and past clients and engage with  potential clients as well.  If possible, contact your clients on a regular basis say once a month or every two months and offer them something of value.  Ideally, you should have a list of current and past clients plus prospective clients and their contact information.

Start a real estate website/blog

Owning a website is no longer an option it’s one of the revolutionary marketing strategies for realtors. More than 80% of home owners start their property search online. So, having a website will definitely give you a great head start in your marketing campaigns.  You can build a real estate website that enables you to list property for rent or purchase and create virtual tours (for property listings) to help customers locate properties quickly. On top of that, you should blog regularly on market trends and real estate issues and give specific advice to customers and prospects. Your blog will allow you to showcase your real estate knowledge and guide visitors to your website or property listing.

 Seek Referrals

As a realtor, you’ve got to have referrals to succeed.  It’s not just one of the key marketing strategies for realtors, it’s key to business growth. Referrals are very useful in nurturing and generating leads. The more referrals you have the greater the chances of closing deals successfully. So, whether you have a referral program or you’re banking on word on mouth, make sure that seek out and leverage the powerful of referrals to promote your business as a realtor.

Organize annual parties

There is more to working as a realtor than just listing property or making pitches. If you want to maintain or strengthen your relationship with clients (current and past) and prospective ones, you have to organize annual parties, dinners, or forums in the communities you serve.  Hosting annual parties and dinners will give you an opportunity to interact with clients and prospects and strengthen existing relationships. It’s also a great chance to share your reflections on the year that has ended and nurture leads for future business.

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