Think of SEO Like You Think of a Recipe for Soup to Find Success

The average business will increase its digital marketing budget this year, which means they must increase focus on organic SEO techniques.

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organic seo techniquesUnless you’ve been living in a cave for the last five years, you know that digital marketing is the name of the game in the business world. According to Gartner, the average business will increase its digital marketing budget by 10% this year, speaking to the need to increase focus on organic SEO techniques that bring businesses improved website traffic and online sales.

Unfortunately, despite understanding the importance of organic SEO techniques, too few businesses truly understand what makes for effective organic SEO strategies. Like soup, you can’t just start throwing bits and pieces of techniques that you found in your pantry into the pot and expect the final result to be savory to your potential customers. As with crafting a well-balanced, delicious chicken noodle soup, businesses need to take a measured approach with all organic SEO techniques to get their campaign’s flavor just right.

How Organic SEO Techniques are Like Ingredients in a Soup

  • Content Marketing is the Broth

Content marketing is the most crucial ingredient in your SEO soup. You should think of your content marketing like you think about the whole chicken you boil down to the make the broth. Not only does it provide you with a rich, filling broth, but the meat your dinner guests, your customers, crave. As statistics from Inbound Writer show, 57% of marketers say that nailing content marketing has brought them more customers and increased revenue. Without content marketing, your broth, you have nothing.

  • Quality Web Design is the Noodles

While your broth is undoubtedly the most important component of your soup, the noodles are a close second. Quality web design, as Forbes writes, makes or breaks everything else you do online. Your content can be well written and fun to read, but if your web design is unpalatable, customers are going to walk away from the table dissatisfied. From responsive web design to optimizing the metadata that search engines use to catalog your page, great web design brings body to your campaign, ensuring customers come back for seconds.

  • Social Media Platforms are the Stewed Vegetables

As Social Media Today details, using social media allows your company to improve customer service, increase recognition of your brand, and craft a human face for your company that other marketing methods so often lack. In other words, social media fills in the gaps that content marketing and web design, the broth and the noodles, can’t. Using social media is like adding celery, carrots, and onion to your soup. It rounds out the flavor, bolstering the other ingredients in the pot.

Implementing an organic SEO strategy with any measure of success can never be about throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. Think about all the organic SEO techniques you’re trying to utilize. By treating your SEO campaign like your favorite recipe for soup, you can cook up something great.

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