What is New in Social Media Marketing?

According to recent research which found out that almost one-quarter of the population in the world are ripe for social media marketing.

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Still remember some trending topics in social media such as #IceBucketChallenge, #Bring Back Our Daughter, and many other campaigns? Those campaigns surprisingly rocked the social media world making some of us realize how powerful the social media marketing is. The new truth about social network is the impressive feedback from society; Instagram has approximately 300 million active users, 2 people join LinkedIn every second, and around 500 million tweets are sent each day. Of course, there are still plenty of amazing stats regarding social media. It is indeed impressive numbers and stats which some years ago we never thought of the fast developing technology.

For some people with high creative minds, social media is not just a place to join in the latest trends. It is the place where the business starts and grows; that very business is called social media marketing. We’re all familiar with advertisements and marketing approach in social media. But what is social media marketing and what is new in social media marketing?

What is social media marketing?

social media marketingSocial media marketing is kind of internet marketing that uses the social network service as the marketing field. The primary purpose of social media marketing is to create content in which other users will share it to their social media accounts; thus, helps increase the company brand. Such purpose is to make the brand gain more fame among the customer. The strategy is to attract as many visitors to the certain website as possible. The social marketing strategy can be done through two ways: promoting the company activity on the social media network such as update status, tweets, and much more. Or, the company adds the social media links such as Facebook or Twitter links to the website content.

The social media networks surely help the customer get closer to the company. In return, the company receives feedback from customers to increase their service and products. The straight and interactive social media gives the customers the chance to directly ask questions or compile complaints.

What’s new in social media marketing?

According to recent research which found out that almost one-quarter of the population in the world are active social media users. Imagine how many people in every second who are posting, tweeting, pinning, Instagramming, and many other social media types. Plenty of people see this phenomenon as the money pool. Speaking or social media marketing which is widely developed the past few years; here are some social media trends which are likely to dominate throughout the year.

Integrated social advertising – the presence of advertising in the social media service such as Snapchat’s advertisement, Instagram’s advertisement video, plenty of Twitter cards, and much more emphasizes the rise of the social media marketing. If you build your advertisement in the right strategies and target; then you close to link with other channels and open the door for endless opportunities. This advertising method will likely continue in the following years considering the people’s reaction.

social media marketingThe development of mobile – we are now in the era which the mobile tsunami has finally arrived not only in the US but all over the world. According to research, the primary internet activity on the mobile device is social networking. Even though the existence of desktop is still in common; however, through the new habit for bringing the smartphones and tablets to the waiting room, public place, television time, and basically everywhere, the consumers gain more access to the broader view. Moreover, a recent study also shows that around 31% of the entire internet traffic from 10 top websites is mobile visitation only. It is official that many people cannot stand far away from the mobile phone.

Niche networks development – following the path of the bigger social network industry such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and much more, several smaller social media platforms are starting to rise. These new social media platforms use the interest-based which aims to give inspiration for the follower. Moreover, similar to bigger social media, they also use the paid advertising to make money.

Rising or wearable tech – throughout the years, there are plenty of wearable techs invented. The thing that we used to think as impossible now becomes possible thanks to the fast developing technology. The wearable technology certainly will increase the usage of social media service.

Podcasting is gaining the fame – with almost 44% of Americans listening to streaming radio nowadays; the demands for the Podcast episode is getting more and more intense. However, Podcasting contents useful information as well as entertainment. It also gives personal interaction with the brand representative. Somehow, Podcasting simply blurs the line for social and content marketing.

Rising sales – with the rising of social media marketing platforms, it is positive that online selling and advertising have the biggest advantage. Several years ago many people doubted that social marketing would be able to last; nowadays, the giant social network platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are busy developing the buy buttons. Along with plenty of online shops such as Amazon.com, which also optimizes their website for the customers’ convenience in online shopping.

More privacy – with the fast growing technology, the social media offers more privacy setting for the users’ convenience. Social network platforms increase the anonymous rooms due to the demand of the users.

Private message – plenty of messaging applications such as WeChat, WhatsApp, SnapChat, and much more provide the room for the users to chat in a more private and intimate space. Looking for the success, many social media platforms also develop the same feature for the convenience of the users as well as provide those who conduct social media advertising.

There have been plenty of new things in social media marketing throughout the years. As the technology continues to develop; there will be a more fantastic feature coming up which will bring more benefits for human’s life. If you’re interested in working with a partner who understands how to use social media to benefit your business. We’d like to throw our hat in the ring. Click here for our Social Media Manager services.

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