Choose Your Brand, if Not Now, When Will You? [VIDEO]

At its core, a logo is just an image that the new company will imbue with meaning over time. The key is the moment when you choose your brand

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if not now when will you choose your brandSo many of our clients get stuck when it comes time to evaluate the design services and choose their brand position and their logo. Understandably, the moment where you choose your brand is a big decision!

What seems to happen is that people try to compare their new brand and logo to an existing one — and usually, one that has already invested hundreds of millions of dollars and many years in creating their brand and product. They choose brands like Coke or Nike and try to compare their logo or brand position to one. Understandably, the new brand comes up short, every time.

The thing that everyone stuck at that crossroads needs to remember is that there is a profound difference between a new brand and a well-established one. And trying to compare the two is impossible. At its core, a logo is just an image created through graphic design. It’s an image that the new company will imbue with meaning over time. The new logo does not mean anything really at the outset to their ideal audience. It may have a meaning for the decision makers – but it won’t be obvious or well-known until AFTER they take the time, energy and effort to share their brand with the world.

There is no Eureka moment when you choose your brand

It might even surprise you to learn that at the outset, Phil Knight, Chairman of the Board of Directors (and co-founder) of Nike didn’t like his logo. Take a look at the video below from CBS Sunday Morning.

choose your brandThe thing that makes Nike so successful is Phil Knight’s (and the management team’s) willingness to say (and believe) “OK, that’s the best we can do. Let’s go.” That decision, the one where you choose your brand is actually where the magic happens. Branding occurs in the act of making the decision — not necessarily choosing the best piece of art.

Now that’s not to say that any graphic design can be a great logo. Just like everything else, there are different levels of possibility for a logo. Some are timeless and go the distance. Some are, frankly, terrible. But if you’re looking at a logo that is truly the “best we can do,” then choose your brand and “go.”

Don’t Wait, Don’t Dither: Choose Your Brand

If you are tied up in knots trying to create your brand – look at the options, if they aren’t universally terrible, choose one. Say “OK, that’s the best we can do. Let’s go.” and move on. If you’re managing your marketing and advertising appropriately, branding consistently, your brand and logo will do what they need to do.


Tisha Oehmen

Tisha Oehmen is a professional brand strategist and a leader in the branding field. She was recently named a member of the Global Guru’s Top 30 Brand Gurus. She is also the co-founder of Oregon-based Paradux Media Group and the best-selling author of the book, Finding Brand: The Brand Book Tutorial.

Possessing expertise in both front- and back-office operations, Tisha conceptualizes, develops, and implements initiatives to foster brand effectiveness like no other. With over 15 years of experience in branding and marketing, Tisha has successfully led large financial institutions and health care companies down the path of renaming their business.

Where Tisha really shines is in the work that isn’t done. Sometimes a name change for a business isn’t in their best interest and after meeting with Tisha, they are able to find the true value and equity that has always been in their brand. Tisha has a special knack of being able to communicate the value so that the CEO/Business owner can see its luster and then with a little polishing, make it shine company wide.

Tisha is best known for developing long lasting branding campaigns that speak to the heart of the business, the brand, and the community. True brand, no matter how big or small, has longevity. Creating branding campaigns that have longevity, that have a laser-like focus, is where Tisha thrives.

Tisha received her M.B.A. from the University of Oregon, from where she also earned a B.A. in Political Science. She enjoyed a distinguished academic career punctuated by enthusiastic and successful participation in competitive speaking events, and holds numerous awards for her skill in public speaking. Tisha is widely recognized for her ability to capture an audience’s attention with her straightforward and engaging speaking style.

When not working, she enjoys golfing, baking, reading, and hiking with her partner, Mike, and their two dogs, Chloe and Jackson. She’s also an active member of Rotary International, the Chamber of Commerce, and is a very proud supporter of the Oregon Ducks. Tisha lives in Eagle Point, Oregon.

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