Brand books are essential for any business looking to establish and maintain a strong brand identity. A brand book typically includes guidelines on a company’s logo, color palette, typography, voice, and messaging. It serves as a comprehensive reference that ensures consistency across all online and offline marketing materials.

When it comes to finding the best brand book examples, there are many factors to consider, such as industry, ideology, and personal preference. Often, the best brand book examples are the ones that you can find. Other times, the best brand book examples are the ones closest to your industry. And still, other times, the best brand book examples are the ones most closely aligned with your ideology.

So what are the BEST brand book examples? Well, I’ll have to leave that to you to determine, but here is a list of brand books that are available on the internet that I have found helpful in one way or another. (Some of these I discussed in my book, Finding Brand: the Brand Book Tutorial, or as part of the Brand Book Tutorial Series found here.) But no list I could put together would ever be complete. And the next brand book I find — or someone else finds — might be the missing piece in someone else’s project.

best brand book examplesSo I think the best solution to finding the best brand book examples is creating a crowdsourced list. To that end, I’ve started a list over at so you can add your favorite. If you’ve found brand books on the internet, you have found helpful, preferably hosted on the company’s website, please feel free to add them to our list. Then, when it comes time to find the best brand book example, visitors here (yourself included) will have an extensive list to choose from to find the best brand book illustrations they need.

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The list of the Best Brand Book Examples.

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