finding brand: brand book tutorialIf you’re looking to take your branding to the next level, you may want to consider investing in a brand book. A brand book, brand guidelines, brand bible, or identity guidelines is a comprehensive guide that outlines your brand’s visual and messaging standards. It can help your marketing department become more efficient with time and money and ensure everyone uses your brand consistently.

However, creating a brand book can be daunting, requiring much time and effort. That’s why we’ve created the Brand Book Tutorial Series – a step-by-step guide that covers everything you need to know to make a valuable and practical brand book. In this series, we’ll explore what should be included in a brand book, how to develop it, what it means, and how to share it in a way that is compelling to both marketing and non-marketing types.

Brand Book Tutorial Series

  1. What is a Brand Book? – Learn what a brand book is and why it’s essential for businesses of all sizes.
  2. Does Your Brand Have a Brand Book? – Discover why having a brand book is crucial for the success of your brand.
  3. What’s the Difference? Brand Book, Brand Guidelines, Brand Bible, and Identity Guidelines – Understand the different naming conventions and learn how they are used.
  4. The Heavens Parted and Delivered the Brand Book – Explore the goals and brands our Brand Book Tutorial Series will cover.
  5. The Power of the Brand Narrative in the Brand Book – Learn how a brand narrative can help align stakeholders and create consistent messaging.
  6. Start at the Beginning of the Brand Book – Follow our step-by-step guide to start your brand book and build a strong foundation.
  7. Keywords for Your Brand’s Position – Discover your brand’s keywords and learn how to make them visually attractive in your brand book.
  8. Venn Diagram for the Brand Book – Create your very own Venn Diagram to boil the crux of your brand down to its most essential parts.
  9. Articulate the Brand Personality for the Brand Book – Identify your brand’s unique personality and communicate it effectively in your brand book.
  10. Brand Book Rules (or brand dos and don’ts) – Learn how to treat your brand and ensure it’s protected.
  11. Writing the Brand Manifesto and Tagline for the Brand Book – Complete your brand by crafting a manifesto and tagline that captures its essence.

If you want to take your brand further, consider investing in Tisha Oehmen’s book, Finding Brand: The Brand Book Tutorial (available on Amazon). This comprehensive guide teaches you how to explore and craft your brand, write your brand book, share it with key stakeholders, and use it to protect your brand. With the Brand Book Tutorial Series and Finding Brand, you’ll have everything you need to ensure the success of your brand.