Brand assets need to be treated correctly. Brand rules and brand guidelines are a key component in a brand book for brand usage requirements.

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An inevitable section of every Brand Book is the “Rules” section. This is the section of the brand book where you spell out, in excruciating detail, the dos and don’ts of portraying your brand imagery. It’s primarily used by your marketing partners, but the group that will need this section of the brand book the very most are your employees.

The Rules Section of the Brand Book usually goes something like this:

  • Do use the logo in this manner — don’t stretch it, skew, it or distort the colors.
  • Do use it with sufficient white space around it — don’t use it behind text, over text, or through text.
  • Do use font x, don’t use any other font.

In our Rubber Duckie Brand Book, the Rules Section might look something like this:

The Rubber Duckie brand representation is not as rigidly defined as it for many brands. However, the brand itself still has certain hallmarks that should not be tampered with.

Rubber Duckie is ALWAYS portrayed as being on the chubby side. Rubber Duckie should never be displayed as thin or “on a diet.” Just as Santa is portly, so too is the Rubber Duckie, this lends to his humor, fun, and joyful good nature.

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Never stretch or skew Rubber Duckie! Rubber Duckie is NOT a product of a house of mirrors. Rubber Duckie’s iconic shape is an essential element of the brand and should not be manipulated through haste, or intentional misshape.

brand book, brand guidelines, brand identity, brand book tutorial, brand guidelinesRubber Duckie is best known for its brand colors, yellow and orange. While the Rubber Duckie’s joviality does lend itself to dress up, the Rubber Duckie should always be represented in the traditional yellow and orange configuration–and NEVER with hair.

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Mooche Nooris Rubber Ducky by Celebriducks

There is only one AND ONLY ONE permissible “dress up” version permitted for Rubber Duckie. This exception to the otherwise iron-clad rule is due to the close relationship between Puddles and the Rubber Duckie. Rubber Duckie’s favorite team are the University of Oregon Ducks, and Puddles — the mascot is a similar fan of Rubber Duckie’s. When Mike Bellotti, long-time coach agreed to be represented as Rubber Duckie, this one-time exception was created. (((GO DUCKS!)))


Mike Bellotti Rubber Ducky by Celebriducks

Treat Rubber Duckie’s brand with respect and it will bestow upon you riches, joy, and good clean fun. Mistreat the logo and after you suffer the wrath of the Marketing Department, sorrow and bad luck will follow you for 12 years unless of course you forward this message to 25 of your closest friends in the next 5 minutes.

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