In the ever-evolving social media landscape, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, introduced a new micro-blogging platform called “Threads.” With its emphasis on authentic conversations and genuine engagement, Threads aims to offer a refreshing alternative to existing social media platforms. Within only days of its release, there are already many questions about the new platform, including how it differentiates itself from other platforms, how it should be used, and how businesses can determine if it’s the right platform to promote their brand.

What is Threads?

Threads is a brand-new app designed for casual and quick content sharing, fostering authentic conversations and organic exposure. In many ways, it seeks to make a return to the original format of truly human online communication. By eliminating paid ads from the platform, Threads ensures reviews and reposts about your business feel genuine and unfiltered. The platform intends to encourage content that sparks discussions and cultivates connections.

Threads is connected to a user’s Instagram account. In fact, a person must have an Instagram account before opening a Threads account. There are many similarities between the two, but also some differences. Like Instagram, Threads allows users to post images, videos, and text messages. However, unlike Instagram, it offers additional features such as posting links, creating carousels, and sharing animated gifs. Users can express themselves through text (up to 500 characters), upload up to 10 images, and share videos up to five minutes long.

How is Threads Different?

Threads sets itself apart from platforms like Twitter by not relying on hashtags and lacking a search function for specific text or phrases. It also enables users to share up to 10 photos in a single post, similar to Instagram, instead of Twitter’s limit of four images. Notably, the platform currently does not support direct messages (DMs), ads, or pinned posts. What will likely attract many users is that Threads does not offer paid advertising.

Should your business use Threads?

Just because a social media platform exists does not mean you should jump on the bandwagon and use it. Optimizing any social media channel takes time and resources, so you should carefully consider if Threads is right for you. For businesses considering the adoption of Threads or any new social media platform, several factors must be considered:

  1. Assessing the Need: Determine if your target audience would embrace a micro-blogging platform like Threads. Align this decision with your overall marketing and business goals to ensure it’s a suitable investment. Currently, there are no published statistics about Thread’s demographics; however, it’s assumed that Threads users will likely be those already using Instagram (since it’s a connected app) and those who have enjoyed using Twitter.
  2. Evaluating Benefits: Assess the potential advantages of adopting Threads, such as increased reach, engagement, and opportunities for connecting with your audience. Evaluate how the platform’s features align with your marketing strategies and objectives. Do you have interesting questions to ask your potential audience? Will you find value in responding to those comments in live time? Are you equipped to respond to comments and feedback from your audience?
  3. Advertising Opportunities: Remember, there is no paid advertising right now on Threads. Who knows what the future will hold? Right now, the promotion of your company will be organic. That means you will need to post authentic content that the audience finds valuable, responds to, and shares with their followers. Threads may also share your content with users they think will find your content interesting, but you will not get to control that–for now, at least.

Get your hands dirty.

One of the best ways to learn about the platform is to try it for yourself. If you’re not using social media, it’s hard to discern if the platform is right for your customers. Create a Threads account and look at the posts that get traction and those that don’t. Familiarize yourself with Threads’ features and functionality to determine how they can enhance your engagement with followers. Consider the platform’s threaded conversations and their potential impact on your business objectives. Talk with the experts at Paradux Media Group about how you can use your own Threads account to begin some authentic promotion of your company on your own “page” before starting a full-blown company account.

Want to learn more about social media advertising for your company?

As Meta’s latest offering, Threads presents a unique opportunity for businesses to engage in meaningful conversations, foster authentic connections, and share content in a concise and visually appealing manner. Assessing the need, evaluating the benefits, and considering advertising opportunities are crucial steps for businesses considering adopting Threads or any new social media platform. By understanding the impact on content strategy, audience engagement, and resource allocation, businesses can make informed decisions about integrating Threads into their marketing mix. Contact our team at Paradux Media to learn more about the effective use of social media opportunities for promoting your business.

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