What Causes Customer Loyalty?

Both small and large businesses need to develop customer loyalty if they are to attract new customers and inspire repeat customers.

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The Trick to Causing Someone to be Faithful to a Brand, Product or Service

Both small and large businesses need to develop customer loyalty if they are to attract new customers and inspire repeat customers. Creating loyal customers and causing them to be faithful or loyal to your brand is not easy. You must first understand what causes a majority of people to become loyal to any given brand. Second, you must also implement the factors that inspire loyalty among clients. If you have no idea what this might be, here are some guidelines you may use to create customer loyalty:

The need to belong

Human beings are social beings with a need to be “tribal,” or become part of something or belong. Just look at the social media craze, which continues to grow largely due to the need to belong. People like being part of a group, so make sure that your brand identifies or solves the need of a particular group, and you are likely to create faithful customers. For instance, most food establishments often advertise themselves as ‘family,’ hence, speaking to their customers need to be part of a family.

Create a Core Offering for Loyal Customers

customer loyalty, loyal customersGimmicks and loyalty point programs might get you some faithful customers. But if you want to create dependable and trustworthy customer loyalty, your core offering must appeal to your clients.

So, the question is, what exactly appeals to your target customers? For instance, if your customers value excellent customer service or experience then you should empower your employees to deliver quality services constantly. Research indicates that most customers value a good customer experience, you should, therefore, looking into developing solid customer service.

The days when companies could decide what they wanted to produce or sell are long gone. Today, the needs of customers and their wants are what determine what is produced and how. You should, therefore, determine these requirements and ensure that your products or services address them.

Create an emotional connection for customer loyalty

Research shows that customers are likely to be loyal to a brand that speaks to their emotions. For instance, when you tell an Apple “lover” that you do not understand what the big deal with the brand is, you are likely to get a very persuasive argument or justification as to why Apple is the ideal choice.  Apple has created a “lovemark.” They do so by appealing to the emotions of their customers through their products and marketing strategies.

Create faithful customers by either creating products or services that appeal to them; that address their needs, and that offer them complete satisfaction, and also goods or services that speak to their emotions.

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