Dental Blogging vs. Other Social Media

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There is a lot of talk about how blogging has become indispensable to businesses and while this is true, most people don’t understand exactly why this is so. Because of this, business owners which include dentists do not take this social media platform seriously. Another reason for why blogging is not fully utilized by dentists in their bid to market their practice online is because of the fear that formulating a well-thought off blog which has what it takes to earn a solid readership is difficult. So what they do instead is spend their time on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook which seem harmless and simple.

At these two points, business owners are wrong. While it’s only natural for you to feel intimidated at the thought of having to compose a lengthy post every other day or so, you don’t have to cook up witty topics which are beyond you. The best blogs are those which allow their readers to get a sneak peak into their lives or their business in this case. While your dental website is purely promotional in nature, your blog is the best avenue for you to weigh in on dental issues which your patients may be interested in. And because you work on improving people’s dental health for a living, this task should not be that difficult for you.

It’s very easy to take for granted blogging in favor of other social media platforms like microblogging as in Twitter. But while you have to keep on sending tweets or updating your Facebook status everyday in order for your social media campaign to be successful, this doesn’t have to be the case with your dental blog. In fact, you can post write ups as seldom as every once a week just as long as you keep your posts regular.

Having already established that blogging is more convenient, but this isn’t the only thing that dentists will find appreciative about blogging. Dental blogs allow dentists to establish rapport with their patients and prospects – something which seems impossible to do especially when you aren’t in the same room as them. By giving out purely helpful and relevant information with every post, dentists are slowly gaining the confidence and trust of not just their patients but also prospects who they may have not yet met at all. And surely, client loyalty is a greater value than any Facebook or Twitter like.


Elliot Pearson

Your author Elliot Pearson writes on health, tech, SEO and likes Dentist Identity who provides Social Marketing for Dentists.

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  1. Jack Hadley says

    Hi Elliot. Great points and well written. I just finished Chris Brogan’s new book (pre-published draft), “Impact Equation” in which he talks a lot about the power in blogging about the things one knows and is passionate about. This can be especially true for dentists. Good advice. You may enjoy his book too. Comes out later in October (

  2. Aayna says

    Hey Elliot,
    Very apt share!! Dentists never take blogging as a platform for social media in a serious manner. They consider blogging as an ineffective technique, and instead focus on Twitter and Facebook, to raise awareness. It’s high time for dentists to realize the power of blogging. Thanks for throwing light on this niche.

  3. dental emergency says

    As, regular updating your blog is important, so same like that regular brushing your teeth is also very important in life. If you want to live a healthy and happy life, so keep brushing your teeth and as a result keep smiling.

  4. find a dentist says

    Exactly..This technique of globalization should be opt by dentists as well. It will help patients to access the required dental services of dental specialist easily through it. Everyone should be aware of this.

  5. Entrepremom / Mommy Iris says

    I couldn’t agree more! I am a baker so I blog about baking most of the time. I share with my readers what I am passionate about therefore building a good readership. To promote my products, I use social media to connect =)

  6. Jessica April says

    Elliot Thanks for explaining this topic. I totally agree with your points; people are going more social and to be updated they seek for information from these platforms. To be connected with people requires their presence over these media and blogging is its essential part!! thanks again for elaborating

  7. Braces Fairfax VA says

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  10. Stern Bear says

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  11. Vince Arthur says

    I recently came across your article and have been reading along. I want to express my admiration of your writing skill and ability to make readers read from the beginning to the end. I would like to read newer posts and to share my thoughts with you.

  12. SeanDawson says

    You have a good point on this, Elliot. Very good analysis as well. I believe Facebook and Twitter are just so basic and there is a lot more in blogging.

  13. oakland dentist says

    Good article. Internet marketing and SEO for dentist and dental hygienist will help a lot for the popularity and credibility of an individual or a clinic. It’s very accessible to anyone in just one click.

  14. andersonsrodriquez says

    Good to know this information that you have shared. For me, all we have to do is update our blogs weekly or monthly for good result. This will help your blog more popular. Thanks for sharing some of your good point of views.

  15. Jissan40 says

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  16. James says

    Dental blogging is a good way to make dental practices and services to be more visible and accessible to many target patients. Relevant and interesting information regarding the practices should be presented to gain more popularity. There are a lot of dental clinics, Whitmore Dental that uses internet to promote their excellent practices.

  17. Nancy Batiste says

    This system involving globalization should be decide by dentists as well. It helps sufferers to access the necessary services associated with dental care specialist effortlessly by way of the idea. Everyone should be familiar with this.

  18. Dentist in Luton says

    Thanks for sharing information but any how dental blog is more loyal and its shows the dental practices and advisory factor.

  19. Dentist in Santa Barbara says

    I think for Blogging is very useful source to connect and to read other people view.Its always better to have such blogging media where we can meet different people with different view from the same point.

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