How B2B Companies Can Use Social Media

for you to do your research and determine which sites your buyers tend to use. If your buyers can be found on Facebook, then you may want to join Facebook.

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Surprisingly there are some companies out there who have yet to start using social media for their business. These companies just don’t see how sites like Facebook and Twitter will benefit their business, and most of these companies tend to fall in the B2B category.

And when you think about it, who can blame them? Most of the articles you read about how to engage your audience with social media or how social media can be used for business discusses how a business can use it to reach their consumers, not other businesses. And if you’re in the B2B community, then you may not see how social media can be beneficial.

But the truth is, it can be. You just need to know how to use it, and that’s what the following four tips are going to show you.

Know which sites your buyers use.

It’s important for you to do your research and determine which sites your buyers tend to use. If your buyers can be found on Facebook, then you may want to join Facebook. If your buyers can be found on LinkedIn, then you may want to join LinkedIn. If you want to use social media to benefit your business, you need to know where your buyers are. If you’re not on the right networks, no amount of effort is going to be beneficial to you.

When you determine which sites your buyers are on, you’ll want to not only join these sites, but also connect with your buyers on them. As long as you start to produce great content, then everything you share will land in front of your buyers.

Create quality content.

Create and generate content that your audience will benefit from. Become a leader in your field and write blog posts that can help your buyers and other businesses learn from you. Not only does this heighten your reach and make your business appear as the expert, but you can then share these links through your social media channels to ensure that they land in front of your buyers and businesses. When you create and share quality content that your buyers can use, it will keep you in top of mind.

Share content from other people.

You also need to use social media to highlight interesting industry news, even if you didn’t create it. Giving your audience a mix of content directly from you and from other valuable industry experts can be extremely beneficial for you. When you’re not constantly self promoting your expertise, it keeps your audience paying attention to the information you share, and this makes them more willing to actually read the information that you post.

Use your leads.

Once you have allowed your social media endeavors to marinate, you may just find that you’re gaining some valuable leads from businesses who come across your posts. It’s very important that you don’t ignore these leads. Keep generating content to entice them, and reach out to them to try and build a partnership. Social media is a great tool for you to try and connect with other businesses, so make sure that you’re searching for and building these partnerships.


Caleb Grant

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  1. Dipa says

    Being a content writer i do a lot of SEO for clients. I perfectly understand that Internet marketeers fall in two categories; those who use social media and those who don’t.- I have handled social media for many of my clients and have indeed seen great results with FB etc. I strongly urge employers to go to these platforms, but some people are just too rigid. Anyway-to each his own!

  2. Abhishek says

    Thanks for sharing this great tips. Yes, there are many people I know of too, who are yet to use social media for their business. This post can be a great help.

  3. Aayna says

    Indeed true that many of the business organizations haven’t started using social media as of yet. They actually hesitate from the very idea of using these platforms. These are great tips which can make the application of social media effective and lucid for them. Thanks for the share.

  4. Joy says

    As an avid online marketer, I make it a point to leverage various social networking platforms but I think what I solely need to improve on is my ability to target specific niche markets to make my efforts work to my advantage. Thanks for the insightful share 🙂

  5. Emilia says

    Leveraging various social media platforms is such an essential part of a well-rounded marketing campaign. Although some may oppose, it’s always a good idea to strike a good balance between SEO and social media marketing. Thanks!

  6. Kelly says

    It’s important to determine what are those websites used by your buyers in order for you to reach out to them. Keep posting for more helpful articles!

  7. Stacey says

    When using social media, be sure to write quality and engaging articles as well for your content. That’s one of the most important things you should consider when working with B2B companies.

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