How To Adapt To Facebook Algorithmic Changes To Brand Pages

Facebook Algorithmic Changes To Brand Pages In September Facebook made changes to their algorithms, for the most part the changes were made we lessen the

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Facebook Algorithmic Changes To Brand Pages:

In September Facebook made changes to their algorithms, for the most part the changes were made will lessen the effectiveness that brand pages were getting for free and make them pay a little through promoted posts and sponsored ads.

It’s only fair.  Businesses and Brands that have utilized Facebook correctly have built stronger relationships, sped up the buying cycle for their goods and services and made money; it only makes sense that the platform that has provided it makes a little money as well.

Facebook is smart enough to realize they can’t pass the buck to the consumer, so pass it to the business/ brand that are making money directly and indirectly because of it.

I’m sure you have seen the changes with your Facebook posts, and seeing that your reach for each Facebook Post has dwindled to a much smaller number.

Here are some points keep an eye on moving forward with your Facebook Page:

  • The reach for many organic page posts will decrease. The number in this decrease will be anywhere between 5% on the low side to 40% on the high side. Some pages may remain unaffected which are following best practices for page publishing.
  • The change may allow Facebook room to grow its organic/paid offering ratio, in which 80% of content in the newsfeed is organic and 20% is paid in the form of sponsored stories, a form of premium advertising within Facebook.
  • Businesses/Brands should develop content with newsfeed interaction in mind.  I feel that consistency in what and how you post is even more important.  To stay within that personality that has been created.
  • Post at the optimal time. Only you know what’s right for your business, and you can use your Page Insights to figure out what’s working. User engagement with Facebook Pages is highest from 9:00-10:00 pm, and the 18-24 demographic is the most engaged during this time.
  • We still recommend one post per day, but can be two on occasion.  Monitor your feedback, for most Businesses/Brands pictures get the best response. Brands doing a text-only post at 10:00 am, and then another text-only post at 1:00 pm are not using the new algorithm to their advantage. Posts in this timeframe and delivery method cannibalize one another by overlapping, and having no visual element to maximize reach, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Summary On Facebook’s Changes:

While most say that the individual will not tolerate an 80/20 need to look no further than what is happening with mobile.  With sponsored posts in the wall feed for mobile users the “likes’ of sponsored stories and the clicks are much better than those on a desk or laptop.




Mike Frey

Prior to co-founding Paradux Media Group Mike spent more than 15 years in the world of marketing and advertising. During that time working with hundreds of locally owned businesses he developed an appreciation for minimizing client’s dollars while maximizing tangible results for those clients.

His unique approach to buying media does not follow convention, but it does yield results that exceed those experienced by the more traditional methods. His goal is to provide only the assistance a client needs – and no more, thus minimizing unnecessary cost to the client

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Mike learned marketing and advertising the hard way — selling it for a living. He was mentored by some of the brightest media, marketing, and advertising minds in the business and was extraordinarily successful in his endeavors. His clients universally agree that he brings a practicality to the business, appreciating their needs while offering options that will allow them to leverage their marketing investment into the future.

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    I think that Facebook has ultimately altered what we all used to love about it anyway. I”ll definitely keep the tips you shared in mind to counter these changes. Thanks!

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    Thanks for this very insightful post. I manage the FB page for my Irish website host. What time frame should I make the posts in? India time or Irish time?

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