Can I Use That Image On Social Media?

Research shows that social media posts with an attractive image get reactions two to three times more than the posts that don't have them.

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Can I use that image on social mediaIt is essential to use quality images when marketing products on social media. Most people tend to click through content that has images than those that lack. Research shows that social media posts that have attractive photos get reactions two to three times more than the posts that don’t have them. However, it is essential to be careful when choosing social media images for marketing. What social media images can you use for marketing? Here is when to use the photos.

Are the Images Shareable?

Retweets, reshares, or send are options that are allowed by users on social media platforms. If the image that you want to use can be shared, then you can use it freely since the owner has allowed the features. If a photo does not allow you to repost or share it, ask for permission so that the owner can allow you to use it.

Are They Copyrighted?

When marketing products or services, you can obtain a photo of a product from social media platforms and use it. However, you need to check if the image is copyrighted to avoid legal issues. The chances are that you also don’t want people to sell your image or publish it as their own. Hence, you might need to ask owners for permission to avoid the repercussions of breaching copyright laws.

You can freely use an image that’s in the public domain and if it has not been registered for copyright protection. Therefore, you need to research about the image before using it for marketing. Ensure that you have all the rights to an image before using it.

Do the Images Have a Creative Commons License?

The Creative Commons license enables people to share their photographs with the public, but they still have rights over them. Images that have this license fall into two groups: those that are available for commercial use and those that are not. If you want to make money from an image, you need to choose Creative Commons images that are available for commercial use.

The photo will still be credited to the original creator, but you will have its publication rights. Most social media accounts have websites that have sectioned off images based on the license attached to them. Look for pictures that have a Creative Commons license and then choose one depending on your intended use.

Moreover, you can find images on Google that have the Creative Common license. After you have identified the social media image that you want, click on “Tools” and then choose “Usage Rights.” This helps you find images that you can use without infringing any copyright law.

Are the Social Media Images Relevant?

If you want to market like an expert, you should choose an image that is relevant to your post. Everything on the image should be suitable for the target customers. Also, the image should be exciting and informative, in that a person can tell what you are marketing by merely looking at the picture.

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