Winning Over Hearts and WalletsContent marketing continues to lead the way for innovative companies looking to get the most out of their marketing.

The subject is relatively confusing, mainly because it’s a full-pronged approach to getting the word out that takes a high-level of mastery to execute correctly. Still, any business that’s willing to follow the rules can launch successful content marketing campaigns.

Grow Your Most Essential Social Channels

In ‘Winning Over Hearts and Wallets’ it’s worth investing in the social networks that are most vital to your customers. It’s expensive to take a multi-channel approach, so it’s worth narrowing down your efforts. Deciding on which network is the best will depend on research and direct experience. If there’s one that’s driving significantly more money than others, focus on it. You may want a slight presence on other networks, but if they don’t drive sales, don’t overdo the time and money you pay.

Shorten the Purchase Paths

You can’t blame buyers for not wanting to jump through hoops to purchase items. A proven way to generate more money from content is to shorten the path from the information to the purchase. Most companies that are ‘Winning Over Hearts and Wallets’ do well with content marketing are experts at synthesizing the customer experience. That means a short purchase path integrated with excellent content.

Add Social Checkout When Possible

If you’re engaging users on a social network, it pays to provide them with an easy way to checkout. Not doing so means that you’re leaving business on the table or making it more challenging for people to pay. Integration with third parties is a technical matter, but one that’s worth exploring. Doing it well means a spike in sales and happier customers.

Get Personal and Stay That Way

In ‘Winning Over Hearts and Wallets’ personalization matters, and it works well across the spectrum of communication. It’s especially important when you’re directly communicating with customers. It’s worth doing your best to incorporate at least basic personal info in all communications. That tells the customer that you know who they are, and that you make communicating with them seriously.

Patience and Consistency Win the Game

It pays to be patient to give your content a chance to work. You won’t usually see one piece go viral and make your life easier. Instead, it’s generally a practice of churning out consistent and high-quality articles, videos, and shares that keeps people interested. Consistency means using the same voice and maintaining a regular posting schedule. People want to see your content, and they will look for it if you share regularly.

If you take too much time between activities, social users tend to fall off. The main reason is that someone else will post in that void and grab their attention. It’s worth establishing an editorial calendar and then using it to guide your content creation. After you establish that, gathering feedback from your audience is the best way to continue to grow any content marketing effort. It will take time and effort, but the results are an increase in organic traffic and conversions. To learn more, book a free consultation with Paradux Media Group today.

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