Why WordPress is the Best

WordPress is open-source software, and it easy to use. That’s probably why WordPress powers more than 30% of all websites in the world.

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why wordpress is the bestWordPress has over the years evolved from a solely blogging site to an extremely versatile platform where users can develop fully operational websites of any category. That’s probably why WordPress powers more than 30% of all websites in the world. That’s a pretty big percentage, right? Considering the fact that WordPress is open-source software, most website developers find it easy to use it compared to any other platform. It is open source in the sense that it is free, redistributable, and provides unlimited validity.

Benefits of using WordPress website

There are a lot of advantages to using WordPress. Various individuals and marketing agencies take advantage of free hosting rights as well as features to build their own websites. Let us look at some of these benefits.

1. It is an open-source software

One advantage of WordPress is that anyone can download and use it for free. Both WordPress.org andWordPress.com is absolutely free to use. What’s the difference between the two?

WordPress.org is a self-hosting version where a person has more control of their website by taking advantage of advanced built-in plugins. On the other hand, WordPress.com is designed for beginners rather than digital marketing companies that are planning to market their products and services.

2. Built-in SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the best marketing strategies used by most advertising agencies today. SEO basically refers to the use of targeted keywords to generate traffic. This traffic generally comes from people searching for information from various search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

That’s why most marketers are always coming up with various SEO strategies aimed at generating more traffic to their websites and blogs. The advantage of WordPress is that it offers you with SEO advantage as far as on-page optimization is concerned. It does this with the help of crucial elements such as HTM markup, SE-permalinks, image optimization among others.

3. Easy to customize

This is also another great advantage of using a WordPress website. The site gives you all manner of templates that you can customize to whatever designs you like. Even if you don’t have any knowledge about website creation, WordPress takes you on a step-by-step process that will ensure you create a beautiful site for your website.

4. Plenty of themes and plugins

Unlike other platforms where you will be forced to purchase almost everything, WordPress comes with pre-installed themes. This makes it easy for you to decide on a theme that best suits your business. In addition, you can also come up with new themes by customizing the existing ones into your preferred design.

5. Security

Despite the high number of websites on the WordPress platform, the level of security has always remained high. Although there might be a few cases of security breaches (which can happen on any CMS), WordPress frequently releases security updates designed to guard your website from vulnerability.

In general, there are several reasons why WordPress is the best option for your website or blog. Paradux Media aims at helping businesses in Oregon and beyond to promote their products and services through SEO and other digital marketing strategies. Contact us today to learn more about WordPress.

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