Your marketing or ad agency can be your best partner in growing your business.  From helping a company build its brand to sharing expertise by coordinating a business’s use of its marketing budget, these agencies can be the difference between struggling and achieving success.  Yet, positive results are created with magic.  There is vital information your marketing agency needs about your company in order to provide you with the best support and service.  

information your marketing agency needsWhat is the most important information your marketing agency needs from you?

  1. Your history and your brand.  Developing a relationship with your marketing agency is much like building a relationship with a human being.  Sharing your company’s story–how it started and all the challenges you’ve overcome along the way–will help your marketing professionals understand your perspectives and needs.  Discussing your brand, including how you have been connecting with your customers, gives your agency a clear picture of your personality and the type of marketing messages that will accurately depict your company.
  2. Your goals.  Not all companies want to achieve the same thing.  Some are in a phase of building and development, others are focused squarely on profitability, while others hope to expand into community service and prepare to leave a legacy.  Being transparent about the goals you want to achieve will help your marketing company be better prepared to help you design strategies and action plans to get you there.
  3. Your customers.  Some companies know exactly who their demographic is, while others are still figuring it out.  Your marketing agency can help you no matter where in that spectrum you lie.  However, the more information you can give your marketing agency about your current customer base or data about a segment you want to gain, the better your agency will be able to design campaigns to attract those groups of people effectively.
  4. Your industry.  Marketing professionals are highly skilled at creating marketing campaigns, websites, promotional materials, and other items to highlight your expertise in the industry.  However, these same people don’t have as much industry knowledge as you do.  The quality of their product will increase exponentially if you provide them with access to resources you use to maintain your knowledge and keep up with trends in your industry.  For example, ensure they have access to key periodicals, members-only websites, research papers, survey results, and other similar resources.
  5. Your performance.  For your marketing agency to recommend future initiatives, they need to know what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you in the past.  Giving them examples of effective and underperforming promotions and accurate data about your sales and return on investment will help them design better marketing plans for you in the future.

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