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SEO In 2020 – Doing It Right

In many ways, SEO in 2020 may be the year to return to recent basics in search engine optimization. The key, however, will be to make sure

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In many ways, SEO in 2020 is the year to return to recent basics in search engine optimization. The key, however, will be to make sure that each element of your SEO is as strong as it possibly can be. Use this checklist on each of your sites to make sure that you have ticked all aspects on each page because it is very easy to overlook something.

  • SEO in 2020Titles – Each page should have a unique title tag within the header that accurately reflects the content on the page. When natural, the header should contain keywords.
  • Meta Descriptions – Each page should have a unique description that is between 50 and 155 characters. The only time you should not write a meta description is if the primary reason for the page is to get shares on social media, and you want the first sentence of the page to appear when someone shares your article.
  • Headers – Since people are more apt to scan your article than read it, you need to use headers that accurately describe what readers will find in each part of your web page.
  • Alt Text – Use specific alternative text on all images that are under 125 characters long. This can be an excellent place to work in keywords to help your SEO in 2020 if they are appropriate.
  • Site Speed – The number one factor in time to the first byte is the number of resources that your page needs to load, so minimize yours whenever possible or allow them to load later. The number one factor in complete page loading is the website size, so consider what steps you can take to reduce your site’s size.
  • Robots.txt – This file that must be placed in the website’s top-level directory to be effective tells search engine robots how to crawl your site. The main reason you need to use them is to identify what pages you want the robot to crawl and which ones you do not want crawled to protect your crawl budget.
  • Site maps –You need to provide users with a site map that helps them identify the most important pages. You also need to provide search engine robots with an XML sitemap so that they know which pages you want them to crawl.
  • UX – You are not going to see the return-on-investment that you want if you are not providing a good user experience that is tailored to meet their expectation. When looking at your SEO in 2020, make sure that you are providing your viewers with a meaningful experience that is tailored to help them meet their goals.
  • Conversion rate optimization- One of the buzzwords for search engine optimization throughout the coming year will be conversion rate optimization or the process of getting a customer to convert once they are on your website. Several factors come into play, including impressing customers with your homepage, providing several pricing options, drawing attention to calls-to-action, and creating specific landing pages.

If you need help getting your SEO in 2020 right on your website, set-up a free consultation today. We will be glad to help with your digital marketing in Southern Oregon.

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