Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using these Social Media Promotion Ideas!!!

Marketing on social media isn't easy. These social media promotion ideas will boost your visibility and brand your business!

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Are you using social media promotion ideas to help you expand your online visibility? There are several authors claiming they know the secret to market with social media. The truth is, there isn’t a secret. Here are some social media promotion ideas you need to follow if you want to see a boost in your traffic results.

Social Media Promotion Ideas: Create Custom Facebook Pages

Social Media Promotion Ideas
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One of the best ways to get people to like your Facebook page is by creating a custom Facebook page. This will help to brand your business and build your online reputation. A major aspect of the landing page is to have a social media page that looks different from the other companies on Facebook. You can use custom landing pages when you are running a promotion as it gives people a clear picture of what they need to do when entering a contest.

Offering Incentives

What motivates people to get talking? Free stuff! Start posting free samples of your products, or consider running a promotion for 1-5 followers to receive a free product or cash. This can help your company to get several shares for the posts, and brings in new followers as they want a chance to win.

Hooks and Graphics

To make your social media page stand out, you need to use strong graphics and great hooks. What this means is people will see what you post and have a reason to like it or share it with others. We have found a drastic increase in the number of infographics that are being shared on social media. This is a great way to brand your business and boost your social media visibility.

Social Media Promotion Ideas: Engaging With Your Audience

Another important part of social media is posting frequently and engaging with your audience.  Look at the most successful companies using social media. Some of the things they are doing is posting daily and interacting with their users. Not only do they interact, they go out and search for new ones. Commenting on their pages and interacting with other companies is a great way to expand your social media visibility and boost your ranking. Respond quickly when people comment on your social media profiles. Understand how to use the hashtags and trending information as it can help you get in touch with the people that are active on social media sites right now.

Make it Shareable

You can take multiple approaches to social media marketing, educational, funny, or informative. It all comes down to knowing your audience and what they want.

To learn more about social media promotion ideas and how to specifically target your audience contact us today!

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  1. Enviro Equipment Inc. says

    Most small business owners don’t have time or the inclination to use social media to promote their business. With that in mind, instead of giving specific ideas using social media, you should right an article that focuses on which types of social medias would be more appropriate for a given business because who really has who really the time to utilize Facebook and Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest and… the list goes on and on.

    For example, our business favors Google+ because it’s used by more engineers and technical types, but we completely ignore Pinterest because 80% of its users are women looking to share recipes, cosmetic tips, etc. and our business model is almost exclusively geared towards men.

    • Tisha Oehmen says

      Certainly understanding your target audience is a critical element in choosing where to intercept them. There are many nuances to those choices and (as you can imagine) the landscape is consistently changing. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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